what is the most common chronic disease of childhood

What is the most common chronic disease of childhood?

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Chronic illness has become a focus of The World Health Organization; more prevention strategies and Urgent medical care are being focused on Asthma, childhood diabetes and obesity today but did you know what is the most common chronic disease of childhood? The leading common chronic disease affecting children is tooth decay? Unfortunately, 42% of young children between ages (2-11) experience cavities in their baby while children aged (6-11) have their cavities in their permanent teeth.  This is according to the National Institute and Craniofacial Research- figures indicate that tooth decay is 4times and 20 times more common than Asthma and childhood diabetes respectively.

How tooth decay affects young children


With a tooth decay, children find it hard to choose from a variety of nutritious food; a combination of pain and infection brings with it a potential loss of appetite which may have an impact on many other things including growth and development and the immune system.

The quality of life

A tooth decay forces your child to spend most of the time in dentist desk or sleeping while trying to bear with the pain. That means less play time in the kindergarten and interaction with other kids. Remember this problem can be transferred to adulthood and may lead to problems with self-esteem.

what is the most common chronic disease of childhoodLearning

Have you ever experienced a toothache? If you know how that pain feels then imagining a kid going through such while in school- It’s more than obvious that the learning process will be compromised.

Speech and Communication

Some decays can destroy almost the whole teeth, meaning; children may find it harder to pronounce some words and even communicate with their colleagues.

Guess what happens next? Some children may be laughed at either due to their inability to communicate well or with their teeth problems- esteem issues again can put your child at risk! How can you prevent tooth decay?

Brush your teeth twice a Day, this has been so common, and to some, it’s like a jingle that can be ignored. If your child can brush their teeth on their own then good for you- make sure they do so twice a day until they develop the culture. However, if they can’t, be sure to wipe their gums after every meal especially at night to prevent bacteria action.

Research has shown that sharing a spoon with your child while weaning can actually transfer bacteria from your mouth to theirs- Next time be sure to be more responsible. Important point visits a dentist regularly for maximum oral health.

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