Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

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Many people have different believes that the signs of cancer are never seen until the cancerous tumor has grown beyond the treatment stages. That is not ientirely true. Some types of cancer tend to be particularly “elusive” and do not manifest themselves in any way. However, most forms of the condition have noticeable symptoms. The problem is that they are usually similar to the ones of common and much less serious illnesses.

Weight loss.

The human body has natural mechanisms that make weight loss challenging. For this reason, a rapid and unexplained weight loss among women is certainly a warning sign of cervical cancer. The reality, however, is that most women are even happy to see such a change. For this reason, it is essential for you to overcome the excitement and see your doctor when you start losing weight rapidly without reason.

Unusual bleeding.

Bleeding is among several serious cervical cancer symptoms that should never be ignored. The unusual bleeding can occur during menstrual cycles or even after sex. when you observe such signs then something is wrong. It’s natural for this warning sign to be attributed to hemorrhoids, but it is essential for you to see a doctor if you have it. It’s also easily noticeable in men. Women might have it mistaken for vaginal bleeding, however, the possibilities that a postmenopausal bleeding problem is, in fact, a malignancy increase as women age.

Vaginal secretion.

Another symptom may include a vaginal secretion or drainage that is purulent (contains pus), opaque and thick drainage of dead tissue and cells and typically indicates presence or growth of cervical cancer.

The pain felt on Legs and Lower Back.

With the swelling of the cervix, blood circulation to the legs and lower back will get interrupted. That usually leads to pain and swelling in the legs and lower back with a sore, somesthesia. Swollen ankles and pain in the hips can also be attributed to the current warning signs of cervical cancer and should not be neglected.

Girdle Pain.

Cramps and pain within the pelvis aren’t uncommon for ladies, particularly at bound points of their cycle. However if this pain is additional acute or frequent, lasts longer than usual, or comes at an odd purpose in your cycle, then you’re comfortable booking examination with your doctor.

Other cervical cancer symptoms which are common are a pain when having sexual intercourse and burning sensation during urination.

In general, try not to deny the presence of these symptoms of cervical cancer and take measures for identifying the problem straight away.

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  1. Find it difficult to treat the cancer if the tumor has grown. So, if you find that you might have these signs, consult it to your doctor right away.

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