Identifying Viral Rash In Children

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A rash is a skin irritation that may cause redness, bumps, itchiness, pimples or cysts. A viral rash is a word given to rashes that are caused by a virus. Rashes can be caused by many different things, but in young children, the most common cause is a viral infection.

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Viral rash in children is often mistaken for an allergy reaction, but they are totally different. To differentiate the two, you need to remember that, an allergy rash occurs when a triggering factor is used either orally or by an application on skin. On the other hand, a viral rush is brought about by an infection.

Using the above method to differentiate the two could be hard right? Especially because you need to have very sharp monitoring skills to rule out an allergy rash. You need to keep watch of the triggers. An easier way is to monitor your child’s reaction.

A viral rash under normal circumstances does not cause any pain or itchiness. They will also clear pretty fast within some days, and utmost go up to two weeks. So, cheer up you won’t even need to buy medication particularly to treat them. They’ll clear on their own.

A viral rash could be accompanied by any or all of the following:

Identifying Viral Rash In ChildrenMuscle ache       

-Stomach ache 

-Loss of appetite                


-A headache                        

-Low energy     

Young children may have a hard time explaining to you how they feel. Much worse for an infant. That’s why you should seek medical attention as soon as you identify a viral rash. They could be suffering in silence.

The viral rash itself is not fatal, but an underlying infection could be. It could be simply a cold that may not need much of doctor’s attention, but it could be measles which would need treatment. You should never assume when it comes to your children’s well being. Consult your child’s doctor. You better be safe than sorry.

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