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Of course, good oral health is mainly due to oral hygiene, but nutrition also plays an important role. Here I will discuss the role of food and eating habits in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Previous studies have been inadequate because they highlighted, above all, the chemistry of nutrients in the cause of caries, such as the effects of the type of food consumed and the initial effects of the food during oral ingestion. However, there are also humanistic, social and environmental factors related to dental health that need to be taken into account.

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It is hoped that the discussion here will give the caries-susceptible people a solid nutritional advice. You may need to look at your diet and lifestyle as a whole and change some things. Eating habits refer to the way you have learned to choose and eat foods. Some of these habits evolve in response to social pressures and cultural traditions. In general, they are formed early in life and are influenced by all forces that shape the personality and behavior of an individual.

baby teethIf you want to choose healthier dietary habits to use teeth chart baby, you should examine your current eating habits and find out what needs to be changed. You should compare what you are eating with what is recommended in the Food List. Normally, you must eat foods from all major groups, including grains, dairy, proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

When it comes to sweets, sucrose sugars have the biggest impact on the descaling process. Therefore, you should do everything possible to avoid sugary products such as ice cream or sweets. Teens can dispute this change in diet, but their sense of style and personal appearance may be attractive, pointing out that this new diet will improve their complexion, buildup, muscle mass, and possibly even their mental abilities.

Stay away from food and drinks with sucrose. Age is also important to consider the dental health of the person who reaches a certain age when considering periodic health. This is important as more than half of people suffer from gum disease after they reach the age of 40.

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