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Treatment For Kids Bad Teeth

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Just like adults, small children can also experience tooth decay. According to the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research, 48% of children that age between 2-11 years often develop a cavity in their primary-teeth whereby, almost 28% of children age between 2-5 years develops at-least one cavity. Therefore, as a concern parent or guardian, it’s important to know the major causes of kid’s tooth-decay as well as how to prevent and treat them.

Sensitivity of kids teeth are not the same type of sensitivity that adults experience. We recommend to visit regularly to your dentist or visit our site. We are your emergency dentist in perth.

Causes of Kids Bad Teeth

Kids bad teeth/tooth decay tend to occur when bacteria within their mouths starts to eat-away their primary teeth, sometimes known as milk teeth. In addition, inadequate dental-care or rather failure to brush your child’s teeth regularly can be among the major-causes of tooth decay in kids.

In reference to the American Academy of Pediatric-Dentistry (AAPD), in many instances, the major cause of kids bad teeth/tooth decay is allowing your kid to-go-to bed with a bottle thus this condition is referred as baby-bottle tooth decay. What happens is that, when the milk or rather the juice in your baby’s bottle stays in their mouth all night, it creates a good breeding ground for bacteria which in-turn eats away your baby teeth causing tooth-decay.

To sum it up, unhealthy eating habit can also contribute greatly to your kids tooth decay thus by allowing your toddler to eat too much of candy or rather sugary foods for prolonged period can also play a role in their tooth decay.

kids bad teethHow to prevent Kids tooth decay

  1. Never let your kid go-to bed with a sippy-cup/bottle of milk or juice; always prefer water when you want to give your toddler a drink before going to bed.
  2. Ensure you brush your kid’s teeth on a daily basis.
  3. Avoid giving your child foods with too much acid like citric fruits; the acidity will weaken their enamel making your kid more susceptible to cavities


It’s recommended by the AADP that children should be taken for a check-up with their dentists before they celebrate their 1st birthday

You should use soft-bristled brush when brushing your child’s teeth at-least two times in a day as well as after your kid eats sugary foods or sweets. Avoid using fluoride-toothpaste until they reach 2 years of age or rather when they are old enough to spit out the fluoride-toothpaste out of their mouth instead of swallowing it.

How to treat Kids tooth Decay/ Kids bad teeth ·

When a child develops a tooth decay, she or he will need dental work; to correct smaller cavities, fillings may be used while if the tooth damage is extensive the, a full-crown may be required. This is to help prevent the spread of bacteria. ·

Kid’s tooth that has decay-throughout may need to be extracted since the bacteria can result to or cause the second/adult-teeth to develop abnormally. Often, staining or rather pitting in the adult-teeth tends to occur if the decay seemed to be immense in the primary-teeth.


As a parent, it’s your duty to help your kid lay a good foundation for their oral hygiene. Therefore, the early they start these good habits, the better it will be since they will learn as they grown on how to maintain a healthy-set of adult-teeth. Never rely on the fact that, the primary teeth will eventually fall-out thus you shouldn’t care much or ignore your kid’s oral care. The primary tooth decay can also affect the growth of the secondary-teeth thus a good oral-health habit will greatly prevent your child tooth decay in their 1st set of teeth.

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