Tooth Sensitivity and Pregnancy

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A pregnant woman can face many different emotional and physical issues and conditions. Some of the more obvious ones such as bloating, swollen ankles and food cravings are well known but some are more unusual. One of these more stranger symptom’s is an increase in sensitivity in a woman’s teeth and gums during pregnancy. If you’re curious as to how tooth sensitivity and pregnancy come together learn more by visiting this site.

The oral issue that most pregnant women suffer from is known as pregnancy gingivitis. During pregnancy, the resulting hormonal changes in a woman’s body causes an increase in the flow of blood to the gums. As a result, this can cause the gums to be more irritable, sensitive and possibly even swollen and in extreme cases bleeding may occur. Pregnancy can also increase the amount of plaque on a pregnant woman’s teeth thus resulting in an additional increased risk of tooth decay.
As a result, its very important for a pregnant woman to practise good oral hygiene when pregnant. Sugary drinks and alcohol should be avoided and brushing twice a day is key. If the woman is unfortunate enough to suffer from morning sickness then she should wash her mouth out after vomiting with plain water as the acid from vomiting can affect already weakened teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, being pregnant can also limit the dental treatment a woman tooth sensitivity and pregnancycan get from her dentist. The dentist may not be able to carry out any x-rays and may also be reluctant to insert new fillings or remove existing ones. Hence some treatments may need to be delayed until after the baby is delivered.

A pregnant woman’s focus is often on the more obvious medical symptom’s and ensuring that her baby is ok. However she should also make sure that she pays a visit to her dentist in Bella Vista, NSW for a full check up and to take advice as to what she should and should not do. It will be one less then to worry about during the pregnancy.

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