tooth extraction while pregnant

Tooth extraction while pregnant

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Tooth pain can strike at any time. A woman is more susceptible to have bad oral health during pregnancy. There are more chances she can get a tooth extraction while pregnant because of the increased chances of tooth decay. Read on for more information on dental check during pregnancy.


Dental work done during pregnancy

It would be ideal to have any dental done during the second trimester. However, if you would be needing to have a tooth pulled or a root canal done during the first trimester, it would also be okay. If you would be wondering if it is safe to have these dental procedures done while pregnant, it is. The numbing agents that dentists would use would be safe for you and your unborn child. 

There would be a special insurance program for dental issues of pregnant people. If you are pregnant and you have a medically needed dental procedure done, if you do not already have this special insurance, you can approach your dentist for more information.


Tooth extraction while pregnant

tooth extraction while pregnantIf the tooth extraction can be postponed, your dentist will recommend that it be done in the second trimester. The reason for this is to avoid you having to undergo an x-ray during the first trimester while your baby is still developing. The necessary x-ray would be safe for pregnant women. Your dentist would also advise against you having to lie on your back for the procedure in your third trimester because that can be increasingly uncomfortable. However, if circumstances will not allow for the procedure to be done on the second trimester and the extraction needs to be done on the first or third trimester, it is safe to do so.

The only reason why dentists would generally try to avoid having a tooth extraction done on a pregnant lady would be because of the extreme pain and stress it can cause. This could be harmful to the baby. However, the procedure and all the necessary steps involved are all safe for both mother and child.


Prevention is better than getting an extraction

There are some steps you can take to prevent the need to get a tooth extraction while you are pregnant. 

Good oral hygiene. Using a fluoride toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush can help keep the teeth and gums healthy throughout pregnancy. Brushing and flossing also keep plaque away, preventing tooth decay.

Avoid sweets. Sugar promotes the forming of cavities.

If you feel that you would require dental care while pregnant, approach your dentist to find out the best treatment options that are available to you. You may also go to the website for more guide.

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