toddler broken tooth

Toddler broken tooth: Care instructions

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Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is so unfortunate if it happens to a child, your child in particular. So what should parents like you do when your child breaks or chips a tooth. Here are some tips and care instructions for parents who have to manage toddler broken tooth. You can also visit this page for other childcare tips.

Ice the area. Like normal bumps and bruise, you can apply ice or cold compress on the mouth area where the trauma is present. Not all broken teeth are serious. In fact, most fractured teeth from toddlers are mere chips or breaks that do not elicit pain. But still, if there are pain and swelling, cold compresses relieve these symptoms naturally.

Give pain meds. This is not a routine step. If your child already has a previous incident that caused pain, consult your dentist in Castle Hill, NSW at Beyond Infinity Dental clinic if you can also give it to him at this time.

Consult your dentist. Even if you think your child’s tooth only sustained minor damage, it is still best to report to your child’s dentist. There might be some trauma or injury underneath that we are not able to detect. Let the Emergency Dentist in Brisbane perform some tests and request imaging just to make sure that your child still has an intact tooth.

toddler broken toothChange your child’s diet temporarily. Applying additional pressure to the injured tooth can cause more trouble and discomfort. Offer soft foods that are easier to chew and swallow. Avoid giving him citrus,  spicy, or salty food that may sting the gums.

Supervise in oral care. Dentists always tell parents of their patients to help their kids brush and floss their teeth even until they reach the age of 10 or 12. This will ensure that their baby teeth are properly cleaned as this will also affect the health of the permanent teeth that are yet to erupt. Since chipping a tooth can cause a bit of discomfort, it is more important now to assist in cleaning their teeth to make sure that no other harm and pressure is presented to the affected area.

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