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Tips For Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Treatment

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Most children’s teeth are often affected by the bottle being used in feeding. They get cavities, although their teeth are temporary. For this kind of tooth decay, baby bottle feeding is to be blamed. Milk teeth are important for their beautiful appearance, talking and chewing.

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If your children do not have the right amount of fluoride, they are at risk of tooth decay. It is a pleasure that tooth decay is preventable. According to teeth dentist, the main cause of tooth decay is a bacterial infection. Bacteria ass through to the baby from the mother during feeding. At feeding time, the mother puts the feeding spoon in her mouth to test the food. Then pass the infected saliva to the child.

Here are some recommendation for baby bottle tooth decay treatment:

  • babies brushingIt is not necessary to use toothpaste. If you want to use it, consult your dentist about it.
  • Your dentist will suggest an appropriate amount of toothpaste when your child is 2 years old.
  • Make your child get used to spitting foam while brushing.
  • Keep control until your child is six years old.
  • Give milk or breast milk only in bottles
  • Do not put juice, soft drinks or bottled water in sugar.
  • Do not feed your baby during sleep.
  • At the time of preparing food does not lick the spoon. Saliva will be exchanged in this way.
  • After feeding your baby you need to wipe your baby’s gums. Use gauze or towel to clean.
  • Use a brush that is the perfect size for your baby.
  • Children’s toothbrush available and water is fine for cleaning.
  • In the case of a sucker, hygiene is a must.
  • When your child is one year old, you should get used to him or drink him a cup.
  • Teach him to eat healthy food.

baby teeth problemThe Dentist says it is important for you to take care of your child so that your child is not a victim of this problem. Try following the dentist’s instructions. Following instructions will be a wise decision for your child throughout his life. Will be able to lead a healthy oral life. Good food that contains forms in early childhood will help him to maintain his health or teeth well and free from any kind of health risks to the teeth.

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