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Is It Safe To Have Teeth X Rays While Pregnant?

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It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to experience dental issues. But the question is- Is it safe to have teeth X rays while pregnant? According to American Dental Association, teeth x rays have a low amount of radiation, thus making it generally safe for pregnant women and their babies. However, there are other ways to check a pregnant womans’ dental health, such as a comprehensive diagnostic exam. How does it take place? Check out this website.



Pregnant Women and Dental Health

routine dental checkupBeing pregnant does not necessarily mean that our dental health should be taken lightly. As a matter of fact, this is the time for you to be extra diligent in caring for your teeth. Pregnancy is a journey that should be treasured; it is indeed a once-in-ain a-lifetime experience for some women. But what if, in the middle of your pregnancy, your teeth suddenly start getting painful? You probably think if dental x ray would be a safe diagnostic exam for you and your baby. As mentioned, teeth X rays are generally safe because of their low radiation. However, due to the complexity of pregnancy for each woman, they prefer not to use x rays in diagnosing the condition of their patients.


Teeth X Rays During Pregnancy

While there are pretty much low to zero risks in getting dental x rays while pregnant, the dentist still takes essential steps in ensuring your safety. Most likely, the dentist will ask you to wear an apron-like piece of cloth to cover your front body. This apron is made of lead and is designed specifically the reduce the exposure of the individual to radiation.

Furthermore, the size of the apron will definitely reach your tummy area, thus, guaranteeing that your baby is safe inside your womb. However, the apron is not as light as the ones we use in the kitchen. It will most likely cause you a brief discomfort because it is pretty heavy. But remember that this is for you and your baby’s safety.


What do pregnant women should consider?

The effects of pregnancy on a woman’s dental health may vary. Some women experience excruciating teeth pain during pregnancy, while others are lucky enough not to have this problem at all.

If you are currently pregnant and are considering teeth x rays, here are some of the things that you should remember:

  • The first trimester is critical for pregnant women and their babies. It would be safer to delay the teeth x rays until the second trimester for your peace of mind.
  • Routine dental x rays may also be delayed depending on your preference. But this is not highly recommended by dentists. You can visit dental websites and do more research regarding this.
  • If your case is considered a dental emergency, you will most likely be asked to get dental x rays to prevent further damages.

The American Dental Association also states that the best way to prevent dental problems during pregnancy is proper oral care. Brushing your teeth regularly could go a long way. Doctors also recommend daily closing as well as mouth washing.


Importance of Dental Checkup during Pregnancy

tooth pain while pregnantDentists do not recommend dental checkups for pregnant women for unimportant reasons. A routine checkup is most vital while you are pregnant as you are more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Moreover, the changes in your food cravings and appetite highly affect your teeth. Without proper dental care, you could be suffering from the following dental issues;

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. It typically occurs due to bacterial infection caused by inadequate oral care. In this condition, your gums will swell and become tender. As a result, you will experience gum pain and bleeding gums.

Risk of Tooth Decay

Most pregnant women have a huge appetite for sweet snacks. Their comfort food usually involves chocolates, chips, and anything that’s unhealthy. While this is hard to manage, it would be best to minimize your snacking to prevent tooth decay. Also, be sure to drink lots of water to wash away the bacteria in your mouth.






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