retained deciduous teeth

Retained Deciduous Teeth – Overview and Causes

Teeth play a vital role in breaking down the food in our mouth in preparation for swallowing, also, it is essential in speech, and correct pronunciation. Normally, we have two sets of teeth in the span of our lifetime, it is what we know as the primary (deciduous) teeth and the permanent teeth. At the age of Six years old, we will start to lose our deciduous teeth and will be replaced by permanent teeth. However, if the permanent teeth started to erupt while our primary teeth are still present or when the primary teeth never falls out and were never replaced by the permanents ones, it is considered as the retained deciduous teeth. This condition can result to mild to severe dental issues. But this can be prevented when you visit Dentisty on Solent’s clinic in Bella Vista as they have ways to get it treated for you.

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