baby tooth extraction

Baby Tooth Extraction

Unlike in adults where tooth extraction is common, children occasionally need their tooth to be extracted as well. This can be as a result of tooth decay, tooth space management and cases where baby teeth delays to fall. The following information which is shared by Blog will give us a better understanding on the […]

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infant chipped tooth

Infant Chipped Tooth

Your child’s infant-hood is normally marked with clumsiness. More often than not,it’s characterized with countless falls,trips, and bruises. Unfortunately,their teeth could be the next in the unpredictable path of injury.When they fall on a hard surface like a cemented floor,it’s easier for them to chip a tooth. If this happens, visit Piazza Dental near Thornleigh, […]

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The Use Of Teeth Chart Baby

Of course, good oral health is mainly due to oral hygiene, but nutrition also plays an important role. Here I will discuss the role of food and eating habits in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Previous studies have been inadequate because they highlighted, above all, the chemistry of nutrients in the cause of caries, such as the effects of the type of food consumed and the initial effects of the food during oral ingestion. However, there are also humanistic, social and environmental factors related to dental health that need to be taken into account.

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baby teeth

Dental Baby Teeth Xray

There are many requests for young people, baby teeth and dental care, one of which is important for children, especially those who still have baby teeth. Some guards are concerned that X-rays are not suitable for their youth due to their radiation. Others believe that there is no reason to take dental x-rays before the unchanging teeth in their series begin to emit. Read on to find the right answers to these questions and correct the stress you may have on x-rays of your cat’s teeth.

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