swollen baby gums

Swollen Baby Gums

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Swollen baby gums are painful and can lead to behavioral activities when the baby attempt to deal with the pain. Parents often struggle to soothe a baby with such a condition. This problem should not cause an alarm since it’s normal for gums to swell while teething. However, there are cases wherein a swollen gums is caused by gingivitis, dry mouth or plaques. In order to be certain of the underlying cause, you might want to visit a periodontal clinic to get your baby checked.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the plaque build-up is the most regular cause. Bacteria in the mouth feed upon sugars from starchy foods and sweets. Swollen baby gums can bleed and lead to the development of dry gums when breathing. They are mostly characterized by small white spots or teeth sips poking through the gums. The baby can also suck the fingers or rub the gums with toys or other objects. Upper lip can prevent the baby from closing their mouths at night. Gums can sometimes swell when injured during brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush.

Babies can develop some bruising, tenderness and fever during this time. In few cases runny nose and sneezing can be a symptom. Some babies may also show poor appetite signs. You can ease the pain by doing the following:
– Soothe the gums gently and avoid irritation. swollen baby gums
– Rinse the mouth with a saltwater solution to rid of bacterias.
– Avoid giving the baby irritants such as strong mouthwashes.
– Place a warm compress over the cheeks to lessen gum pain.
– Smear petroleum jelly on the lips to avoid dryness.
– Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and smear toothpaste to swipe away sugary foods.
– Consult a pediatrician if the baby has a high fever or if you see certain behavior changes such as feeding problems.

Swollen gums can be prevented with a healthy diet. Feeding the baby with veggies, fruits, and lean meat can reduce the problem. You should visit the pediatric dentist to check any signs swollen gums.

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