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What Is A Surgery Room? Everything You need To Know


What is a surgery room? Many people feel scared to have a needed operation done because they feel intimidated by the room where the surgery will be performed. This article will explain what an operating room is, what things may be found there and how it is sanitized for the next patient. Hopefully, the information in this article will help people get rid of their fear of the operating room, visit this site for more information. 


What Is A Surgery Room? 

It is also known as a surgery suite, operating room or operating theatre. There is a unique reason for the term operating “theatre”. Historically, an “operating theatre” was any sterile room built like an amphitheater, so that medical students may be able to spectate the surgeries that were going on in the space below. At present day, there are many hospitals that have this type of setup with their operating rooms, however, the term “operating theatre” is now more mainstream and is used to refer to any kind of operating room, not just the ones that have the amphitheater feature.  

This is a specialized facility in a hospital where operations and surgical procedures are performed. The environment in an operating room has to be fully sterile to prevent the risk of bacterial growth or infections 


What Happens In An Operating Room? 

surgery roomIt is understandable if a person feels apprehensive when they think about going in an operating room to have a surgical procedure done. There are many aspects that people do not understand when it comes to operating rooms, and that can add to the anxiety they feel when they will need to have an operation done. Here is a glimpse of the machines that are used inside the operating room, and how they work to keep a person stable during an operation. 


There are many lights in an operating room. Those lights are there to help the surgeons and other medical professionals see better and work more effectively during the operation. Bright lights in the operating room are there to make sure that no mistakes will be made when the surgery is being done.  

Anesthesia Equipment 

Equipment that is used for administering anesthesia to the patient will also be present in the operating room. The materials that will be used for anesthesia will be laid out on a table to help the anesthesiologist do their job before the surgery begins. 

Surgical Equipment 

The tools and equipment that will be used in the surgical procedure will also have their place in the operating room. Each tool, cotton ball or device that will be used in the surgery will be prepared, clean and ready for the surgeon to use. Nurses and other medical professionals assisting the doctor will stand by, ready to hand each medical tool to the doctor as the surgical procedure is going on. 

Medical Furniture 

The beds, stools, tables and other medical furniture (that are all sterile, of course) will be placed inside the operating room. There will usually be a medical stretcher standing by, ready to transport the patient from the operating room to their room or ward after the surgery is finished. 

Patient Monitoring Machines 

A number of machines will also be present inside the operating room, all will be connected to the patient to make a record of their vital signs as the surgery is going on. One machine will measure the heart rate of the patient, another will take note of the blood pressure of the patient, and there will be others to monitor how the patient responds while the surgery is going on. 

Taking note of the heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs during a surgical operation is crucial to ensure that the patient wakes up safely after the operation is finished.  


Preparing For Surgery 

Your doctor will give you a list of instructions to follow before the surgery. You will most likely be advised not to have anything to eat or drink in the hours leading up to your surgery. The reason for this is to prevent any complications with the administration of anesthesia. In some cases, having a meal or drink before the surgery may interfere with the anesthesia.  

If you are taking any medicines that you need for maintenance of a certain disease, you will need to inform your doctor. They will advise that all medicines will not be taken before the surgery. There will usually be medications given during the surgery to regulate blood pressure and do the work that other types of maintenance medicines do.  


What Happens When Surgery Is Done? 

surgery roomIf you are wondering what happens post-op, or after the surgery, you are not alone. After the surgical procedure will be finished, the patient will be brought to the post-anesthesia care unit. This room is used for people who just got out of the operating room. After the surgery, the patient may not yet be awake or fully conscious after the procedure. However, it is not possible for the patient to stay in the operating room until they wake up because there might be another patient who is scheduled to have an operation in that surgery room. This is why the patient is then moved to the post-anesthesia care unit. 


Are You Going To Have A Surgery Done? 

If you are going to have a surgical operation done soon and are feeling anxious about your procedure, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. They will be happy to help put your mind at ease about your upcoming operation by explaining the procedure to you. 

Many patients feel anxious because they do not understand what goes on inside the operating room, this fuels more fear and anxiety in the patient. Doctors will be happy to explain everything to the patient to help them get rid of all the fear they are feeling before the surgery. Once you have gotten that out of the way, you will be able to get your surgical procedure done without any worries and fears. 

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