Why Does My Child Experience Sudden Teeth Pain

Why Does My Child Experience Sudden Teeth Pain?

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Does your child suffer from toothache now and then? If yes, then you should all the more treat your child’s dental issue. According to dentists from DDII Gosford, it is essential to know the main reason why your child experiences sudden teeth pain. Through analysis and examination, the dentist will uncover the problem and give the appropriate solution. Moreover, some children are hesitant to go to a dentist due to their fears. If your child is apprehensive about dental clinics, you can look for clinics with pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists can help your child because their specialization focuses on the child’s needs.


Causes Of Sudden Teeth Pain For Children

Your child’s exposure to all kinds of health concerns is one of the alarming issues, especially at their age. A parent should check their child’s dental and medical care often. Not treating their health problems early on leads to more complications. Have your child’s pediatric dentist check your child’s teeth to know the early signs of cavities, abscess, and even mouth cancer. If you want to avoid spending a considerable amount of money on dental treatments, you should check the causes of sudden teeth pain for children here. 

Cracked Tooth or Tooth Enamel

If either your child experienced an accident or just suddenly had their teeth break due to erosion, it poses another threat for their oral health. Too much fluoride on a baby or child’s toothpaste can also cause erosion on the enamel, leading to enamel fluorosis. Ensure that you are giving the right amount of fluoride for their teeth. Protect their teeth with other dental appliance such as a mouthguard. If your child already has their teeth cracked, it may need an orthodontist to replace the missing teeth. 

Tooth Decay

The worst situation for tooth enamel erosion happens as symptoms become worse. If you happen to see your child’s gum line near the teeth turn to the brownish-black band, prepare for your child’s dental visit. It is crucial to treat early signs of tooth decay, so infection won’t spread to other teeth. Have your child’s dental treatment as soon as you can to stop this tooth decay.

Food Debris

Sudden Teeth Pain Dentist TreatmentOne of the prominent causes of sudden teeth pain for children is the food stuck in between teeth and gums. If your child has a bad habit on munching on snacks, junk food, or doesn’t brush daily, bacteria growth can threaten their health. This growth may enhance cavities, plaque and can lead to a severe case of gingivitis. Hence, you should always check your child’s dental routine. Along with this dental responsibility, have your child eat less sugary food and carbonated drinks. Pack them with the right balance of protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Your child’s nutritionist may also suggest a few different diet plans according to their health.

How To Avoid Toothaches At Home

Aside from the regular dental products that you can use for your child, you may want to look for dental treatment alternatives at home. You can find many resources that combat your child’s sudden teeth pain. First and foremost, don’t give your child extremely hot or cold drinks and food for their meals. These two extreme temperatures may worsen the swelling and tooth pain which can lead to issues of bleeding. Always have an ice pack for inflammation of the teeth and press this on the cheek near the swelling or discomfort. You can always use saline solution (water and salt) every 2 hours for the toothache. Furthermore, these dental issues will stop once your child is following the instructions from professional help. Visit your child’s doctor frequently to know the signs of dental problems. You can also ask for additional medical prescriptions to combat inflammation and give relief to pain.


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