sensitive teeth and pregnancy

Sensitive Teeth and Pregnancy – Are They Connected?


Sensitive teeth can be painful and bothersome. You experience that excruciating sensation when you eat ice cream or drink cold beverages. Enamel damage is a major factor of sensitive teeth as well as with nerve exposure, cracks and gum disease.  But did you know that sensitive teeth and pregnancy can also be connected to one another? A group of dentists gives an elaboration on this. Or, you can visit their clinic located near Meadowbank to know more about this stuff.

Can Sensitive Teeth Be An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?

Due to hormonal changes, pregnancy can cause swollen gums and sore teeth. Pregnant women are quite interested to free dental treatment because of these changes. Morning sickness causes exposure to stomach acid which can also damage the teeth.  That’s why if you suddenly experience sore teeth and gums, it may indicate hormonal changes which can be common in pregnancy.

The only way to confirm if pregnancy is the cause of your sore teeth is to take a pregnancy test.  If positive, it is a possible reason. But a visit to a dentist will confirm if it is truly the cause.  Pregnancy may be a time of excitement. But discomfort and sensitive teeth are just some of those included in the manifestations of this stage.

Sensitive Teeth And Pregnancy

Pregnancy triggers hormonal changes and increase in blood flow, thus resulting to swollen gums and sore teeth.  Pregnant women are also more susceptible to gum disease and sensitive teeth because they react differently to bacteria.  This increases the plaque build-up and potential damage to the teeth and other parts of the oral cavity. Dentists recognize the toll that pregnancy takes on your teeth, prompting them to give free dental treatment.sensitive teeth and pregnancy

Unfortunately, there are various treatments which are unavailable during pregnancy due to the adverse effects they may have on the baby.  For example, amalgam fillings and X-rays usually take place once the baby is born to avoid compromising the baby’s health. Visits to the dentist generally concentrate on maintaining healthy teeth during the duration of the pregnancy.

Handling Your Teeth with Care during Pregnancy

It is highly important to improve your oral hygiene during pregnancy to prevent teeth damage.  Measures can include cleaning your teeth twice a day, using a small round-headed brush, avoiding sugary drinks, snacks on non-acidic food and avoiding mouthwashes containing alcohol. Of course, smoking should be stopped.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women have a sixth sense and have that special kind of inkling that they are pregnant before they even miss a period.  Fatigue, nausea, cramping, bleeding, cravings for specific types of food, headaches, mood swings and elevated basal temperature are some of the early signs of pregnancy.  They are also similar to regular menstruation symptoms but the only way to confirm pregnancy is to take a test.

Sensitive teeth, runny nose, nosebleed, flatulence, prominent veins, constipation, dizziness and clingy children are subtle signs you may be pregnant.   Or, it’s also possible that you may just be having a bad period accompanied with poor oral hygiene, so it is important to check it out.

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