Pregnancy And Tooth Pain Teeth Care Tips To Prevent Diseases

Pregnancy And Tooth Pain: Teeth Care Tips To Prevent Diseases


Starting a family may have a lot of requirements for a woman to juggle. Starting from the health of her baby, including her health, it can become quite stressful. Many healthcare tips can save time and money to maintain pregnancy and tooth pain. You can also browse this page for more tips from a family doctor or dentist. Most pregnant women may not have the mobility to visit a dental clinic often. Family members can assist the pregnant mom when traveling to a hospital or dental office. On the contrary, families may also schedule an appointment from a house family dentist to prevent the oral problem from becoming complicated.


Are There Higher Risks Of Dental Diseases During Pregnancy?

Does pregnancy increase dental diseases? Dentists and dentistry experts say yes to all signs of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease during the prenatal stage. Motherhood can be a challenge for women since not only their physical health is involved. Teeth and gums may be susceptible to illnesses since bacteria build-up is faster in pregnant women. Reason being, vomiting or morning sickness, hormonal changes, calcium requirements, and plaque build-up cause tooth pain. Pregnancy and tooth pain should not be neglected as the longer the teeth lack hygiene routine; complications can also become worse. Ask your dentist about the right treatment for the first symptoms of dental illnesses during your pregnancy.


Dental Disease Symptoms During Pregnancy 

Why is it risky for pregnant women to develop gingivitis or periodontitis? A simple wisdom tooth extraction or a cavity can increase tooth sensitivity. Any bacteria or disruption of normal flow of blood may also lead to increased toothache, throbbing or inflammation. Although the reasons for having pregnancy oral health problems may vary for everyone. Yet, it is crucial to have treatment for pregnant women as early as possible. Here are other symptoms that need dental health care.


Repetitive gum or jaw clenching

Pregnancy And Tooth Pain Treatment

Do you experience toothache even at night? If yes, you may already be suffering from a severe form of tooth decay. A pregnancy that affects your jawbones may be a sign that you’re suffering from tooth erosion. Morning sickness and vomiting are acid refluxes during pregnancy. A swollen gum followed by toothache or bleeding can be dangerous while pregnant. Furthermore, roots, nerves, and other soft tissues are sensitive during pregnancy.


Painful toothache

It may be common for most individuals to get toothache if there is food stuck in between their teeth. But, women during their prenatal stage must be safe from any form of a severe toothache because hormones can increase the pain. You may find pain relief for toothache at local pharmacies, drugstores, and supermarkets. Many OTC toothache and pain relief medicines are also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can call an emergency dentist if you still feel lingering pain.


Sinusitis and eye, neck, and throat problems

Sinus infections, eye, neck and throat issues during pregnancy are not just coincidences. Infection of the sinus can come from the bacterial infection on your tooth or gum line. Prevent your sinusitis from getting worse by taking medicines appropriate for pregnant moms. You may take Acetaminophen or cefprozil (Cefzil) and amoxicillin-clavulanate. But, avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin as these may have side effects for you and your baby.


Can Severe Toothache Affect Your Baby?

Apart from knowing that dental diseases can affect the mother, it is also crucial to prevent gingivitis or tooth decay to become worse. There are studies and research cases that show a baby has a direct connection with their mother’s oral healthcare problem. Babies may develop congenital disabilities or disorders, while a mom has a cavity or an untreated toothache. If you enjoy smoking or drinking and staying up late, the effect of having a premature baby may be higher than other moms. Also, dental X-rays and removing dental fillings can have adverse effects. It would be best for the patient to wait until the OB-GYN says they are safe from any radiography assessment or surgical procedure.


Pregnancy And Tooth Pain: Treatments And Solutions


  • Visit A Dentist Regularly

Do you know how to manage pregnancy and tooth pain at the same time? The first step in decreasing the risk of complications in pregnancy and tooth pain is to visit a dental professional. Only a dental specialist can conduct assessments and diagnose if the patient is suffering from any underlying diseases.


  • Increase Vitamin D And Calcium For Stronger Bones

Apart from taking vitamins like Calcium, you may have to drink vitamin D to absorb the nutrients from calcium better. Vitamin D also promotes cell regeneration and skin elasticity that is vital for every woman that undergoes this prenatal period.


  • Use Natural Remedies For Toothaches

While many people say that treatments are expensive, there are natural alternatives to remedy wisdom toothaches. Home remedies that include clove, essential oils, saline solution, and other natural remedies may help decrease tooth pain during pregnancy. Of course, don’t replace the proper hygiene routines for better results.


  • Be Careful With Brushing Or Flossing

Pregnancy And Tooth Pain Dentist

When you brush your teeth, see to it that you’re not causing abrasion or bruises on your gum line. Use floss that isn’t hard to put in between teeth. Moreover, it is vital to use teeth sensitive products that contain less harmful ingredients for a pregnant woman. Some mouthwash or toothpaste items may have adverse side effects in the gums. Seek advice from both your doctor and dentist to weigh the possible options for your dental products.


  • Eat The Right Diet For You And Your Baby

Are you eating fewer amounts of sugar and taking more vegetables and fruits? Your diet may determine your pregnancy condition in a few months. Ask your OBGYN or nutritionist for a list of food that you can include in your diet to make sure you and your baby is healthy during and after pregnancy.

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