Pediatric plastic surgery

The Need For Pediatric Plastic Surgery

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In general, we think of doctors who perform reconstructive surgery procedures for adults, such as facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. However, the fact is that doctors who perform cosmetic procedures on children are in a highly specialized and demanding field of medicine. These are the physicians working to surgically correct malformations in children caused by birth defects, illness or accidents.

Reasons for pediatric plastic surgery

Children are born every day with birth defects. Some of these deficiencies are externally imperceptible but may be life-threatening. These errors serve other physicians and specialists for correction. If a birth defect causes a physical abnormality that is visible from the outside, the plastic surgeon will stand up for the children.  It’s not just about appearance. Many physical anomalies, although not necessarily life-threatening, can interfere with normal life. Illnesses or accidents in which a child is physically injured can often be corrected or improved through a procedure.

Choosing a surgeon 

Pediatric plastic surgeryOf course, if you have to undergo plastic surgery on your child in the near future, you should, of course, choose the surgeon who will do the best job. It is not enough to choose a specialist; People who work with pediatric patients have special considerations.

Children continue to grow, and a doctor must be well-trained and have experience in treating younger patients and their special surgical needs. Talk to your usual pediatrician, ask for references and always check the credentials.

Care after the procedure 

Your pediatric surgeon will have special instructions for you after your child’s surgery. These instructions are adapted to the age of your child. It is important that you follow the postoperative instructions as closely as possible and seek advice if something does not seem right. Do not be afraid to be “that kind of father”; this is your son, and it’s better to be too sure than to apologize.

It is important to choose the right pediatric plastic surgeon and build an open and trusting relationship with him. Depending on the severity of the error to be corrected, it can often be that more than one operation is required. It is also important that you and your child are up to date on all the necessary procedures to help you as much as possible.

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