Missing Fingers Birth Defect

Cosmetic Surgery For Children With Missing Fingers Birth Defect

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In rare cases, children are born with limb anomalies where the hand or leg does not fully develop. Babies born with this medical condition at times lack an entire limb, or they may be missing some parts of it like the fingers or toes. The malformation of these body parts could limit their participation in some physical activities. It could also cause emotional distress.

With advanced technologies in medicine today, there are procedures that can be done to reconstruct birth defects. Visit drcosmeticsurgerybrisbane.com.au to know more about cosmetic treatments.

Under development of a limb occurs when thin tissue bands found in the amniotic sac wrap around the arm thus restricting growth. Although doctors have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the missing fingers birth defect, the condition can be corrected using some diagnosis and treatment options.

This hand malformation is neither associated with any genetic condition nor do any prenatal factors contribute to its occurrence. The missing fingers birth defect affects the motor skills, and some children will have a hard time functioning properly. A child with this condition can, however, undergo surgery to rectify the affected limb.

Missing Fingers Birth DefectWhen your baby suffers from this condition, it’s recommended to make an appointment with a pediatric plastic surgeon at an early age. The doctor will then examine the degree of the malformation to determine the tissues affected by the defect. Once the doctor is familiarized with your baby’s condition, he or she will involve you to in coming up with a plan that is tailored to accommodate the needs of your child.

The complexity of your child’s condition will determine whether complex surgery is needed to enhance the functionality and appearance of the limb. There are cases where the child is fitted with artificial fingers called prosthetics which serve the purpose of the missing fingers. Once the hand is healed, the child may need occupational therapy to improve the mobility of the limbs.

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