cesarean scars

Managing Cesarean Scars


It’s every mom’s joy to deliver his baby healthy and safe to the world. However, C-section delivery is sometimes inevitable. The incision resulting from this delivery remains a mark of the miracle of life that represents the baby. But this comes with more extra duties as you also have to take proper care of the incision till they heal. The good thing is that the C-section incision uses dissolvable stitches that heal over time and results in a faint line. How well one manages cesarean scars determines the period it will take for them to heal. A skin care professional should be able to help you out in managing them. You can try these tips on how you can manage cesareans scars well.


Managing Cesarean scars

Ensuring its clean– cleanliness is very important, especially in the stitched area. You don’t need to waterproof the scars. Just let water drip down the wound when in the shower. After you are done, take a clean towel and pat the area gently until it dries.
Air it out – Air plays a great role in promoting healing of skin incisions. You do not need to wear heavy clothing to hide the incisions, just expose the scars to the air for sometimes. But this does not mean you walk half naked around. You can wear a loose gown to let the air circulate in the area.
Get moving – You do not need to lock yourself all day just because you are healing. Stay active by strolling around the neighborhood with your baby. This will increase blood flow to the area, which in fact minimizes the chances of developing DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis). This is a condition that leads to the formation of a blood clot during and after pregnancy. Being active will also help wounds heal faster.cesarean scars
Use an ointment to cover the scars if possible – Talk to your doctor about this. This is because some doctors will advise not to apply anything until the wound heals, while others’ advice to apply petroleum jelly or topical antibiotics. Get the right information first before applying anything to the wounds.
Avoid hard chores and exercise – Wounds from the operation will require some time to heal, the more you stress them, the more time they will take to heal. Avoid twisting and bending the body as such movements will prolong the healing period. Also, avoid carrying heavy things, only carry the baby.



Postnatal appointments are very important after delivery. Follow up on them so that the doctor can check and see if there is progress in healing. This will also help the doctor check if the stitches are dissolving and if not, to remove them so as to avoid funky-looking scars.

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