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The IVF Cost in Australia

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Among the various factors considered for IVF treatment, the cost is one of the major factors. IVF cost in Australia is determined by various factors which include: Pre-treatment costs, IVF cycle costs, Treatment and medications, Advanced science tests, and Donor Program. Know about different ivf melbourne cost depends on it’s type and procedure.

Pre-treatment costs

These are costs associated with the first appointment with the doctor whereby the doctor determines the course and plan of IVF treatment. This will involve some counseling and depending on the doctor, the pre-treatment cost is averaged to be $250.

IVF cycle costs ivf cost australia

This involves IVF fertility treatment costs and lab costs. The laboratory procedures done during the IVF cycle include blood tests and imaging tests such as ultrasound. The cost of IVF cycle varies depending on the medical center and it is averaged to be between $ 9,000 and $15,000 for the first cycle with subsequent cycles costing an average of $4,000 per cycle.

IVF cycle involving intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) will cost an average amount of $10,000 for the first cycle and subsequent cycles will cost an average of $4,500.IVF cycle involving intrauterine insemination (IUI) will cost an average of $2,600 and an average of $1,900 for subsequent cycles. IVF cycle involving frozen embryo transfer will cost an average of $3,500 for the first cycle and an average of $2,200 for subsequent cycles.

Egg freezing will cost an average of $600 and an average of $450 for sperm freezing in a period of six months. Surgical sperm collection costs range from $ 650 to $850 depending on the surgical procedure used.

Treatment and medications

Treatment procedure and medications that are prescribed by the doctor for various procedures such as egg collection, sperm collection and transfer of embryos will incur extra costs and depending on the clinic, the cost is averaged to be $2,000 for treatment and $2,500 for medicines.

Advanced science costs

IVF procedure may involve other genetic tests such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis with monogenic karyomapping and preimplantation genetic screening for chromosomal screening that will cost an average of $ 700 for every embryo.

Donor program

Depending on the donor program chosen, sperm donation will cost an average of $2,000, egg donation will cost an average of $1,200 and for embryo donation, the cost is estimated to be $1,800. Having a health insurance cover can help in reducing the overall costs incurred for IVF treatments in Australia.


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