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Which Is Better? IV Sedation VS General Anesthesia?

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IV sedation vs general anesthesia, which one should a patient choose? Certain situations warrant the use of one over the other. This article will talk about the differences between both sedation methods, and which occasions would call for the use of each one. Patients may need to undergo IV sedation for specific dental procedures. Click the link after reading the article to get more information on the topic.

Why do people need IV sedation at the dentist?

Some people feel particularly nervous or anxious because of visits to the dentist. These people have what is called dental phobia or dental anxiety. People who have this irrational fear of going to the dentist need to be sedated to help them feel more at ease with the dental procedure that they need to ensure that they continue to have good oral health by getting the dental treatment they need.

Without the option of IV sedation, many of these patients who have a dental phobia will avoid going to the dentist altogether. Having dental phobia can make it very difficult for a person to maintain good overall oral health. This is because, in many occasions, these people would be too scared to go to the dentist, even if they are already in dire need for dental treatment and attention.

IV sedation and general anesthesia for dental treatment

The reasons for needing IV sedation or general anesthesia for various types of dental treatment varies from person to person. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people opt to have dental sedation.

Strong gag reflex

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it may be a good idea to have IV sedation or general anesthesia used in the dental treatment you need to undergo. It will make it easier for both you and your dentist to finish the dental treatment without discomfort.

Uncomfortable feeling on the dental chair

Some people have trouble keeping their mouth open for a long time for dental treatment to be administered. IV sedation or general anesthesia can help with this problem.

A lot of dental work needs to be done

Concerning keeping your mouth open for an extended period, you may also feel discomfort if a lot of dental treatment needs to be performed on you.

Dental fear

Lastly, as mentioned above, a dental phobia may cause a person to feel anxious or nervous during needed dental treatment. IV sedation or general anesthesia will remove the anxiety that the patient feels and make them more at ease to have the dental procedures done.

The difference between general anesthesia and IV sedation

There are distinct differences between IV sedation and general anesthesia. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two sedation methods.

IV sedation

IV sedation works very quickly iv sedation vs general anesthesiabecause it is injected into the person’s vein. This type of sedation helps the patient relax in preparation for the dental treatment method. Most of the time, patients remain awake with IV sedation, but some of them fall asleep and have little to no recollection of the dental procedure. Patients who use IV sedation can breathe on their own while they are “under.” This type of sedation is considered to be a moderate form of sedation and is an effective tool to help patients relax and feel more at ease for their dental procedures.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia is considered to be the deepest form of sedation. With this type of sedation method, patients are completely unconscious and require assistance from machines to breathe while the dental treatment is going on. Since patients are completely asleep during the procedure, they are completely unaware of what is happening around them.

Both sedation methods are easy to reverse. However, most of the time, the patient may still be a little drowsy after the effects of the sedation wear off. This is why it is advised that the patient has somebody to drive them home after the procedure is done.

Does dental insurance cover sedation?

There is a chance that the costs for IV sedation may be covered by dental insurance. The price will more likely be covered if you can prove that the sedation is needed because of medical necessity. However, in the case of general anesthesia, it will not likely be covered by dental anesthesia because this type of sedation is considered to be a luxury, and it will not include any medical need.

Do you think you may need to have IV sedation vs general anesthesia?

iv sedation vs general anesthesiaIf you have a fear of the dentist and dental treatment, the use of IV sedation or general anesthesia may be the solution you have been looking for. Talk to your dentist about the fears you have, and they will discuss with you the options for dental sedation that are available to you. If you have a preference, tell your dentist about it. They will be happy to discuss with you how the sedation technique will be administered, and everything you need to know about the method.

The best option you have is to talk to your dentist about the available sedation methods you can use. Your dental fear does not have to stand in the way of good oral health.


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