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Eye Surgery For Pregnant People: Is Lasik Worth It?

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Is LASIK worth it? Many people find themselves asking this question while considering the treatment. This article will talk about Lasik treatment and its benefits and risks.

What is Lasik?

Lasik or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is a form of refractive eye surgery. People who wear glasses or contact lenses and are sick of it can opt to have Lasik surgery. Most of the patients who will benefit from Lasik surgery are people who have vision problems. A misshapen cornea usually causes these problems.

The procedure involves using a laser to alter the shape of the cornea permanently. This procedure is meant to be a permanent solution to vision problems. People who wear eyeglasses will no longer need for them to see correctly, however, some patients may still need to have reading glasses or to wear glasses when they drive at night or during times of limited visibility.

Is Lasik worth it?

Lasik aims to permanently correct vision problems. However, the answer to this question depends on many factors.

A person’s age

Although Lasik is meant to alter the shape of a person’s cornea permanently, the procedure will not be immune to the effects of the natural aging process. If a person is already 40 when they will have the surgery done, some patients may expect to have follow-up procedures done to their eyes when the effects of aging take place.

A person’s health

is lasik worth itIf a person is healthy, young, and has a strong immune system, they will be able to recover from the surgery quickly. However, if they have a weak immune system, the surgery might not be right for them. Before the operation takes place, the ophthalmologist in Melbourne at Dr Anton van Heerden eye clinic will ask detailed questions about the general health of the patient before deciding if the patient will benefit from the procedure or not.

The cost for the procedure

Another factor to consider is cost. Lasik costs an average of over $2000 per eye. Consider this cost along with the age and health of the person before pushing through with the surgery.

Is it safe for people who are pregnant?

Pregnant people can undergo Lasik. However, there are risks to having this type of surgery done while pregnant. The reasons are because of the hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy. These changes can affect the outcome of the results of Lasik surgery.

The medications that are prescribed to help with the recovery and reduce inflammation of the eyes after the surgery may also be unsafe for a woman’s unborn baby. Along with the risks that arise because of the changes in the body of a pregnant woman, the risks to the child outweigh the advantages of having Lasik surgery while pregnant.

Doctors at Dr Ed Ophthalmologist Melbourne clinic usually advise pregnant women to put off getting Lasik eye surgery when they are pregnant or nursing their newborn babies. The best time to have the treatment done is when they will be finished with the breastfeeding stage. While waiting for that time, ophthalmologist in Melbourne at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic advise their patients wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses for the time being.


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