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Various Infertility Cure to Consider

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Infertility is a condition wherein the couple does not have the capacity of conceiving. This can pose a big problem for those couples who are married. The infertile can be from the husband if there is the sperm problem or lack of the sperm or the problem with motility of sperm. For a wife, she may have the problems with obstruction of fallopian tubes, hormonal defects, and the ovulation. There can also be cases where these conditions don’t exist between the couples who are married, but they’re still not capable of conceiving. Due to a growing infertility problem, many infertility treatments have been formulated and discovered.

Here are some of the infertility cure


Performing reproductive surgery for women or men is infertility treatment. The surgery can be used for the infertility cases of 85% to 90%. For men, the varicocele repair and vasectomy reversal can be performed like the infertility treatment. To women, it will be the removal of endometriosis or fibroids implants.

Assisted reproductive technology

Essentially, this is the latest technology for infertility treatment. Assisted reproductive technology is being performed when every treatment has been used, but the couple still can’t conceive. The procedures for the assisted reproductive technology are in Vitro fertilization, blastocyst culture, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, artificial hatching, and cryopreservation.


infertility cureIn the market, there are drugs which are used for treatment for infertility. There are some drugs which are formulated to stimulate the production of the eggs. The examples of this are Serophene, Repronex, Pergonal, and Clomid. Clomiphene is being used as first-line treatment for the ovulation problems to women. The clomiphene was proven to stimulate the ovulation in between 60% and 85% of the infertile women. And about 30% to 40% becomes typically pregnant. Risk of taking the drugs as a cure for infertility is a likelihood to produce more fetus.

These are the typically different cure for infertility which is known, but before the treatment is done, particular risk factors for the infertility are decided. Some of the risk factors are age, stress, smoking, drug use, alcohol intake, and others.

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