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The importance of infant oral health care

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Parents are commonly satisfied that their child brush their teeth at least 2 times a day. But there are more things aside from brushing that you can teach your child in order to have a good oral health.
Most parents don’t come to visit a pediatric dentist until the child reaches 3 years old. What is even sadder is the fact that the very first pediatric dentist visit is usually due to toothaches and dental cavities. This has to change since there is already a significant increase of dental caries and dental problems among young children.

A pediatric dental specialist would tell you to bring your infant to a dentist before reaching 1 year old or at least 6 months after the first tooth comes out. As early as this age, an infant should already have proper oral practices to protect them from dental cavities and decays as they grow older. True enough, prevention is better than cure, thus protection starting at a very young age is an essential part of growing up.

The pediatric dentist will explain to the parents the proper way to care for the infant’s teeth. Wiping the infant’s gums with soft cloth every night after baby and infant oral health caremilk feeding, will do wonders during the development of the baby’s teeth. This and other things will be taught to the parents so that they can carefully follow the development of their child’s general oral health.
Infant oral health care is very important since dental caries and tooth decays could start right at the moment the first tooth comes out. If problems like this plague a child’s oral health that early, it would cause future problems leading to weak and sensitive tooth and misaligned rows of teeth to name a few. Constant toothache to a child might cause too much discomfort, that he becomes aggressive, and irritable. This would later translate to poor performance at school and at home.

So early risk detection and protection is a must for your baby, if you want them to live a happy life away from all dental problems and enjoy their childhood without worrying on tooth decays. Start early, what you do now will benefit your infant’s future.

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