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Labiapasty After Having Identical Twins

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Labiaplasty for women after giving birth is generally an outpatient procedure. Labiaplasty is delicate and requires intervention from a skilled surgeon and should not be regarded as a simple excision of skin like. So who require this type of surgery? If you are thinking of undergoing labiaplasty after twins, if you’ve given birth for a number of times, feeling pain and discomfort due to enlarged labia, you probably be in for this kind of surgery.

Labiaplasty isn’t that complicated as you may think. This means that a patient can’t be confined in the hospital bed for days but to go home immediately after the surgery. Basically, there are two types of labia in a woman’s genitalia. This includes the labia majora-part that contain sweat and oil glands protecting other external parts and Labia minora-part enclosed by labia Majora that protects the vulva and urethra from bacterial infection.

So if it happens that you deliver beautiful identical twins, you have nothing to worry about your body. With Labial reduction procedure, you can benefit in the following ways:Identical Twins

  • Labia restoration to its original position
  • The procedure eliminates all sorts of pain and discomfort
  • It enhances your self-esteem and confidence
  • Reduces labia to enhance your sexual affairs

On the hand, you will not ignore the risk factors associated with labiaplasty procedure. Although there have been no data on studies done regarding the risks of this type of surgery, plastic surgeons have given their assurance that the procedure is safe. Since it is a minor surgical procedure, the associated risks are considered to be minor and minimal.

The most common complications that have occurred in this type of surgery include infection, minor bleeding, edema, scarring, and a change in sensation of the skin and pigment irregularities. To ensure the safety of the procedure, women who are considering labiaplasty should seek the services of a qualified and licensed plastic surgeon.

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