Hard Lump In Breast While Breastfeeding

A Hard Lump In Breast While Breastfeeding? Learn All About It Here

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A lump in the breasts is always a worry at any time. However, they are pretty much common while one is breastfeeding, they come and go. The persistent lump can include blocked duct, engorgement, and mastitis.

Breastfeeding may cause your breast to sag and may not return to its original shape and size. If you want to have your original breast shape and size, there are breast surgery such as Breast Implants you can undergo. With the advancement of technology, you can have your ideal body back.

Breast lumps:

Engorgement can be caused by the fact that your baby is not draining the milk from the various areas of your breast.

Blocked milk duct, on the other hand, is a situation where a plugged milk duct is present and blocks the milk from flowing freely. This causes some pain and a lump or an engorgement

Mastitis is the condition created by the persistence of blocked ducts or engorgement. If not treated promptly, the mother may begin to get the symptoms of mastitis. This generally very painful and can be accompanied by flue type, of symptoms such as shivery and achy. The treatment may require a dosage of antibiotics.

If both engorgement and mastitis are not treated properly and on time can cause breast abscess. If you also find lumps in the armpits, they can be a result of breastfeeding. This is because the tissues extend all the way to the armpits. Breast abscess can be said to be a pocket of pus that develops as a result of engorgement or mastitis left untreated promptly. It’s normally felt like a painful lump inside the breasts.

Other possible reasons for a hard lump in the breast while breastfeeding include:

  • Tumors (fibroadenomas) and benign cysts
  • Milk-filled cysts known as galactoceles
  • Inflammatory and breast cancer, although very rare.

Hard Lump In Breast While BreastfeedingWhat should you do?

It is normal for your breasts to undergo various changes before and after pregnancy, but if your hard lumps are persistence for weeks, then you should get medical help for any breasts related problems.

Various medical tests such as CT scan, Mammogram, Ultrasound, MRI scan, core biopsy, and needle biopsy do not interfere with your breastfeeding. However, your doctor can provide better insights into various tests that can be best suited for you.

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