Do Pacifiers Cause Crooked Teeth

Do Pacifiers Cause Crooked Teeth

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The dental industry is getting famous among people, and the reason behind is that the dental problems are rapidly increasing day by day. There is a huge difference between the teeth of today’s kids and our grandparents at their time. Not only the teeth everything including our face cut, jawline, but the shape of our teeth has also changed over the past 50 years. Some of us aren’t even having the 32 human teeth which should probably exist as it is a sign of good dental health. You can visit this site to know more dental health.

The shape-shifting of our generation can lead to various dental problems. Most of the parents even the dentist are not aware of the fact that our jaw is not fully developed. This is happening because of the shapeshifting. The education about this fact is still not so popular. Now the question is how to take care of our teeth then especially the babies.

Do pacifiers cause crooked teeth?

Do Pacifiers Cause Crooked TeethThe parents want to do the best for their babies. They bring the best baby food, sippers and pacifiers for them without knowing the fact how dangerous this can be. Although the pacifiers are not a big deal to worry about it actually helps the newborn to develop facial muscle and the babies who have the urge to suckle. But something that should parents worry about is how long this process goes. It is necessary for the babies to stop using these at the right time. It’s good to use pacifiers for babies till their first six months else it can cause dental problems or can become habitual which is really dangerous.

The fact is that pacifiers don’t cause any harm to the babies, but overuse of it can be dangerous. Something like when the child starts growing teeth his upfront teeth can get crooked or can face bite problems in the future. This may affect the wrong positioning of teeth or jawline. The pacifiers can also harm baby’s ear by causing ear infections if he’s habitual of using it for a long time.

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