Diastasis Recti Symptoms

Knowing Diastasis Recti Symptoms

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Even though the name may seem complicated, diastasis recti is now a known common condition, especially among women. It’s a condition that is likely to develop when a woman becomes pregnant. So diastasis recti – how to diagnose?

Even though the condition isn’t very common across, they can also affect men and newborn babies.  The condition is likely to develop due to poor dieting or a case where an individual performs weightlifting technique incorrectly. When the ab muscles in women are loose, the expected shape on women is likely to suffer the diastasis recti symptoms.

Some of the symptoms especially in women include cases where the mid-abdomen has some protrusion that is visible. The symptoms of muscles separation are likely to be seen on pregnant women who may result in the bulge in the center of the abdomen.

Diastasis Recti SymptomsThe separation between the lower and upper intestines on the abdomen can be a victim of extra pressure and may result in worse constipation symptoms. This effects may extend to the frequency of long calls made by a person in any given week or the nature of long call will be hard or lumpy.

Symptoms such as lower back pain are likely to be experienced when you are suffering from such a condition. This is due to the extended effect of the abdomen muscles that separates the lower back. The muscles around the abdomen are very crucial for the support and posture hence when affected can lead to poor posture. The symptom is also common with the pregnant women who mostly report the postural effects, especially toward the late days. Whenever you notice such symptoms, it’s important to find out on the condition and take necessary measure just in case.

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