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Dental Cavities in Toddlers – How To Avoid It

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Teaching your child good dental routines early is important to lead him on the road to healthy teeth. It only takes about a week to teach your children all about dental care. Taking the time to create a routine and making your kids aware of all the ways you can care for your teeth, you can prevent cavities in children. You do not need much and the amount of time you will spend is about 15 minutes each day. Below are three tips on how you can teach your kids to care for their teeth from a very early age.

Infants and toddlers have a greater risk of having dental cavities compared to adults. Dental cavities are the holes in the teeth.

People of all ages suffer from cavities. However, children are more susceptible to getting cavities due to their use of bottles and sippy cups. Yearly, millions of infants around the world are suffering from tooth decay caused by baby products like formula milk and fruit juices.

Parents often let their babies sleep with a bottle of formula or juice in their mouth. Although most cases prove that infants tend to sleep better and faster with this process, the sugar content in these products soak the teeth throughout the night. Thus, it nourishes the bacteria that produce acid and destroys the teeth overtime. Also, the baby’s saliva flows slowly at night which worsens the case.

To prevent dental cavities in your baby, never let your child fall asleep while feeding. After feeding, gently wipe your child’s teeth with a clean, wet cloth. If it is really necessary to hand your child a feeding bottle as he/she sleeps, fill the bottle with water. Water is sugar-free. There’s no chance for the bacteria to multiply and make acid that would lead to dental cavities.

child oral healthAlso, you can give your child a pacifier to help saliva flow more easily. Saliva has natural enzymes that protect the teeth and gums from bacteria build up.

Regularly inspect your child’s mouth to make sure his/her teeth are always healthy and clean. Consult a pediatric dentist whether you can brush your baby’s teeth. If your physician gives a signal, then you can start brushing his/her teeth before sleeping.

To top it all up, use only nontoxic cleaners and organic washing detergents for your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, and cloths. With the use of organic products, you are assured that your infant is safe from the harmful propellants, which are contained in concentrated forms in commercial detergents. This is very important, especially for feeding accessories and utensils.

Keep those milk teeth healthy and keep your child free from dental cavities.

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  1. This post greatly helps. Need to do this to avoid them with their other teeth problems. Learned additional things regarding this. Thanks for this.

  2. Kids at their early age must practice the proper caring for their teeth to avoid them to dental-related problems especially dental cavities.

  3. The only way to avoid it is by maintaining the good oral hygiene. It is best to teach them early while they are young to make it a habit when they grow older.

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