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Deciding on the right surgical knife

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There are many types of surgical blades available on the market. Choosing the right surgical knife for each procedure must be done with utmost accuracy and care. Visit Dental Handpiece to shop for surgical handpieces online.


Dentistry requires many precision instruments, just like any other type of medical practice. There are many blades to choose from and each must be regarded with the highest standard. After all, the success of a surgical operation will not only depend on the skill and expertise of the surgical team. It would also depend heavily on the quality of the tools used.


Required qualities of surgical knives

Sharpness. These tools should have a formidable amount of sharpness because they will be cutting through human tissue. If the surgical knife is not sharp enough, it would not only make it difficult for the procedure to be done, but it will cause discomfort to the patient as well, lowering patient satisfaction.


surgical knifeGood handles. Surgical handles would sometimes be purchased separately than the blades. For single-use blades, there would be handles available where the blade can be slid into place for the operation and can be easily removed when it will finish serving its purpose.


There would also be handles that are already attached to the blades, these handles must be easy to grip. Precious time and effort will be wasted if the blades would fall out of the dentist’s hands frequently because the handle did not provide enough grip.


Quality of the blades. Sharpness is one important quality. However, the overall quality of the blades must be of top-caliber as well. The blades must not break easily and they should be able to cut into the tissue with little resistance and effort.


The material of the blades will also contribute to the overall quality. Steel would be the most preferred material because stainless steel does not rust easily and has a tactile quality to it. Although there are newly emerging materials such as ceramic blades that are steadily gaining popularity as well.


Single-use or reusable type?

For a dental practice, both types of these blades should be considered.


Single-use type. For single-use blades, store them in a sterile environment to make sure they stay safe for use. Most of these blades can be disposed of normally and would have a shelf-life of up to five years. Single-use type blades would usually be bought separately from the handle and can be detached after use. Each package or box of single-use blades would have five blades.


Reusable type. These blades would be permanently attached to the handle and can be used multiple times. Sterilization would be needed after each use.


Deciding on what surgical knife to choose.

It can be a difficult feat to finally decide on what tools to use in your practice. Just keep in mind the qualities that each surgical knife must possess for you to be successful in administering the surgery. Although dental surgeries are more minor compared to other types of surgeries, the quality of the blades you choose will determine the success of each surgery. If you’re also looking for quality and affordable autoclaves online, you can visit for more information.

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