chinese herbs for infertility

Increase Pregnancy Rate: Use Chinese Herbs for Infertility


While Chinese medicine has been used for centuries in cases of infertility, it’s become a central focal point among the medical community as a potential solution for women who struggle with infertility. Now, while the herbs may take several months to work and require daily dosages, the studies show that there’s a massive jump in viable pregnancy rates among women who take Chinese herbs for infertility and those who don’t. Why? The herbs correct hormonal imbalances, increase cervical mucus, boost ovulation rates, and create a generally more favorable uterine environment.

1) The Chaste Tree Berry – Helps Ovulation

Women who have a short luteal phase, have low levels of progesterone, or have lower levels of the luteinizing hormone, are prone to ovulation problems. In some women, the uterine lining can’t get thick enough for the egg to attach too, in others, ovulation doesn’t even occur. The chaste tree berry improves a woman’s chances for pregnancy by balancing out hormones, by increasing the strength of your luteinizing hormone, and by lengthening the luteal phase.

2) Cinnamon Bark – Nourishes Energy

In women who have poor insulin responses, metabolic syndrome, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), often find themselves with irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. Cinnamon bark can help combat these conditions by increasing the effectiveness of sperm and by balancing out blood sugar levels. The warmth from the spice also provides interior nourishment for women.

3) Tribulus – Normalizes Ovulation

In women who have irregular ovulation cycles, whether it’s due to PCOS or another underlying metabolic condition, often have low fertility windows. Tribulus, normalizes ovulation cycles, increasing a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. In men, Tribulus increases sperm count and motility.

chinese herbs for infertility4) Maca – Increases Fertility Levels

Maca is a cultivated vegetable crop (tuber), native to the Peruvian Andes, which is used in Chinese medicine to increase fertility levels. It’s an adaptogen, which helps the body cope with stress and affects testosterone in men and women respectively.

In the United States, Chinese herbs for infertility are prescribed by medical doctors, naturopaths, or those who practice traditional Chinese acupuncture.

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