child birth epidural

Childbirth Epidural


A woman that has been through labor will most definitely shrink whenever labor is mentioned. Some go through horrid experiences while others have it easy. The pain that is involved at labor is said to be equivalent to the pain of breaking over seventy bones in the body. However, with childbirth epidural, this pain is minimal or never felt at all. Epidural is the injection given at the back that numb all nerves; hence pain is not felt at all.

Childbirth Epidural Procedure

Before an epidural is given, drip is popped into the arm. Once this is done, the nurses and the doctors take about ten minutes to set up and incorporate the pain meds into your system. Then you are positioned, this means that you are made to sit up and lean almost as if you are slightly bending over.

The back is then cleaned with an antiseptic solution to disinfect the area. An anesthetic injection is given at that area where the needle is to be inserted, this stings, but it doesn’t sting for long. After this is done, the epidural needle is inserted just around the interval of contractions. It is of importance to speak up should you feel a contraction coming up. The needle is then removed and what is left is a plastic tube.

Benefits child birth epidural

  • Epidural can be administered at the earliest stage of labor, and hence labor pain can be very minimal
  • A mother can still move around and at the same time to push her baby out.
  • Epidurals are safe, and as such, no harm comes to both the baby and the mother.

Side effects

  • Epidurals are likely to cause a fall in the blood pressure
  • After an epidural is administered, a patient is likely to shiver and feel a bit itchy.
  • Chances of getting an episiotomy or a vacuum bath are higher, especially for first-time mothers
  • At the point of administration, a mother is likely to feel pain says after the epidural was done.


Childbirth epidural is a practice that has come to help mothers give birth without the fear of pain. So every mother out there who fears the pain of labor, you can now smile on your way to the maternity and get that bundle of joy you always wished for!

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