yellowing teeth in child

The Causes of Yellowing Teeth in Child

Dental Health

Many people know the common cause of yellowing teeth in adults, but to children, they do not know the cause. There are various potential causes of yellowing teeth in child. One is  extrinsic (external) which links to the food that they eat, poor oral hygiene or the use of wrong tooth brush. Be sure to provide good toothbrush for kids for a proper oral hygiene. Another cause is called intrinsic (internal). Once your child has the yellowing teeth, you may be interested to figure out the cause and the way it can be stopped.

Other Extrinsic yellowing cause

Food and drink

Sufficient foods can be one of the causes of yellowing teeth in child.  This happens when a yellowing of an outer layer of teeth that are integrated into a tooth pellicle is visibly seen. To children, yellowing teeth can be the type of things they have consumed. With the bad brushing habit which is common to small children can make the end up having the yellowing of teeth.

Chemicals and supplements

The iron supplements together other metallic salts become the common cause of yellowing of teeth to children. So are various types of antiseptics which are used in lozenges, toothpaste, and throat sprays which can cause yellowing of teeth. The common ingredient used to remove plaque from the teeth causes the temporary discoloration which may be removed by the dental hygienist. yellowing teeth in child

Intrinsic yellowing

Congenital disorders

Essentially, there are many conditions a child may have which can cause the teeth to turn yellow, from the metabolic disorders, dentin defects to the enamel hypoplasia. Occasionally this type of teeth yellowing may be inherited from someone else. In various cases, the teeth have different colors.


The antibiotics in a tetracycline family may cause yellowing of the teeth. Children are supposed to be avoided to expose to tetracycline up to about seven years of age so as to prevent complications that can show up in the teeth. If the exposure happens after the bones develop, effects are far mild but can involve yellowing.


Trauma may cause tooth yellowing to children if there is the capillary breakage inside their teeth. When the capillaries burst, it enables hemosiderin to leak into canals inside the teeth.

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