can you breastfeed with implants

Can you Breastfeed with Implants

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Can you breastfeed with implants? This is the question that many women who have undergone breast augmentation tend to ask themselves. Though studies have shown that breast implants affect breastfeeding, it does not rule out it’s possibility. Below are important factors that will determine the success of breastfeeding. Need more information? Visit and look at for the latest trends and news.

Factors in determining the success of breastfeeding can you breastfeed with implants

  •  Position of the implants – Breast implants can either be placed under the chest muscle or between the breast tissues. If you have the implants placed under the chest muscle, then it will be possible to breastfeed. However, if you have the implants placed under the glandular tissues, it may be impossible to breastfeed. This is because the implant interferes with the production of milk.
  • Location of the incision – Where the incisions are made, is another factor. If you have the incisions made across the nipple or areolae, then it might not be possible to breastfeed. The incisions made in this place possibly damaged the milk duct and nerves. If the incisions are made underneath the breast, it’s possible that the major nerves were saved and you can be able to breastfeed.
  • Do you feel the nipple? – If you can feel your nipples, it’s a sign that the nerves are good. If you do not feel them, then there might be a problem. However, if you’ve had an implant within the last two years, then it may take some time before you can feel the full nipple sensation. This may not largely affect your breastfeeding, as you can still do it just fine.


It’s important to understand the impacts of breast implants before having one. Know your future plans if you intend to have a baby or not and discuss this with the surgeon. This will help him decide the best way to perform the breast implant.

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