Breast Lump Pregnancy

What To Know About Breast Lump Pregnancy

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Breast lumps are scary, but some lumps are normal, and you don’t have to worry. Your breast undergoes several changes from the beginning of the pregnancy. Some of the changes are noticeable and includes breast lumps and feeling the breast to be firm and heavy than they used to. Breast lumps at your second and third trimesters are most likely to be nothing but a clogged milk duct.

If you are concerned about having breast lumps, it’s best to ask for an expert’s opinion. Visit your doctor and ask your questions and concerns regarding your breast lumps. Visit the clinic of BreastImplantsMelbourne Team to know about breast surgery you can undergo.

From the second trimester, your breast is preparing to nurse the baby, and it undergoes several changes including growth and enlargement, darkening of nipples, leaking of a yellowish and thick substance called colostrum and veins around the breast darkens due to the increased blood supply. But not all lumps are due to milk duct clog. Some may be other infections. The clogged milk duct is very hard, irritating, and tender to touch and clears after some days — a breast lump lasting for more than four need to be diagnosed.

What to do 

To feel better and comfortable apply a hot compress to the lump or run hot water over the area when taking a shower. Messaging the duct is recommended to unclog milk buildup in the duct. Underwire bra should be avoided. Supportive bras can be used to make you feel comfortable. If the lump takes more than four days to clear check your health care provider to have the breast examined to ensure it isn’t an infection.

Breast Lump PregnancyA painful breast lump that does not clear with hot water and message is most likely to be a breast cancer lump. Whenever you experience anything suspicious, let t be tested as early as possible to start treatment on time before the condition worsens if it is a cancer lump. Examining for cancer during pregnancy can be hard because the breast tissues are lumpier and denser, but it is still possible. Don’t wait to have your breast diagnosed for cancer if the lump is painful after delivering, early treatment of cancer is much easier, and you will recover faster as compared to treating mature cancer.

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