breast implants and breast feeding

Breast Implants and Breastfeeding

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During pregnancy or while planning one, lots of women worry about different things. One concern that is common to women who went through a cosmetic surgery is the issue involving breast implants and breast feeding. Thankfully, the response to that issue is often positive.

During breast surgery, breast implants are placed in the way in which they don’t interfere with the breast ducts or mammary glands. Breast ducts and mammary glands are very important for the breast milk production and the only time glandular tissue is touched and removed is during the breast reduction. However, most of the time there is enough breast tissue left for milk production later on in life.

Unfortunately, sometimes milk ducts and glands could be damaged during implant surgery which can cause a few different things. Firstly, you could lose or have decreased feeling in the nipple area which can get in the way of breast feeding. Secondly, if the milk glands are damaged, there is a possibility of reduced milk production sooner than it’s supposed to happen. Last but not least, milk glands could be pinched by breast implants which can cause breast swelling and some pain. breast implants and breast feeding

It is almost sure that any breast surgery whether it’s biopsy, reduction or augmentation can damage milk glands which may result in a lack of the milk production. Experts aren’t really sure how and why it’s happening, but some research results have shown that it has something to do with the place of the incision – if the incision is closer to the crease beneath the breast, there is a better possibility for breastfeeding success.

Hopefully, this has shed some light on your concerns involving breast implants and breast feeding. So if you are thinking about getting breast implants, try and find the best surgeon in that area and let him know that you plan to breastfeed sometime in the future. Make sure to get all the needed information before you go under the knife.

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