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Is It Normal To Have Bleeding Gums While Pregnant?


Pregnancy experiences differ from one woman to another. Some women have it easy, while some experience various complications. A lot of pregnant women have also experienced bleeding gums while pregnant, and that is quite normal. However, it is still advisable to set an appointment with the dentist as symptoms of gum disease might be more prevalent during pregnancy.


When Does Bleeding Gums Begin

oral carePregnant women might encounter bleeding gums during their second trimester. At this stage, you might notice some pink stains on your toothbrush. Why does this happen? It’s important to note that her whole body might swell when a woman gets pregnant, including the gums. While gum disease is also a possibility, hormonal changes are the most common reason. These hormones can make clog up your sinuses and cause gum inflammation. The inflammation typically begins on the 15th week of pregnancy and causes bleeding gums.


Causes of Bleeding Gums in Pregnant Women

Your gums could be swelling for various reasons, which are as follows:

Hormonal changes

If there is one thing that most women hate about well, being a woman, it is hormonal changes. Changes in the hormones are usually the reason why some women gain unwanted weight, unexplained mood swings, painful periods, and bleeding gums during pregnancy. Hormonal imbalances affect our dental health as it allows our mouth to be susceptible to bacteria. Bacteria is the reason why your gums are swollen and bleeding, and if left untreated, it can lead to pregnancy gingivitis.

Sudden changes in eating habits

We all know that sweets and carbs are some of the weaknesses of pregnant women. Their uncontrolled appetite for specific foods is also expected. But too much consumption of these foods could lead to plaque build-up, resulting in bleeding gums.

Mouth dryness

It’s also prevalent for pregnant women to produce less saliva. Because of this, dry mouth takes place, and bacterial infection follows. Dryness makes the mouth vulnerable to plaque and cavities.

Morning sickness effects

Most pregnant women might have morning sickness at some point while they’re pregnant. Vomiting introduces our mouth to acidic compounds. These acids could later on pose some effects such as bleeding and swollen gums.

Changes in oral hygiene

Let’s admit it, pregnancy can cause a few pregnant women to feel lazy. Sometimes they even forget their oral care routine. And that is okay. Laziness is just some stage that they have to go through. But beware, though, as it could potentially harm your dental health. Be sure to maintain your oral hygiene to prevent bleeding gums and other complications.

Pregnancy gingivitis

If a woman gets pregnancy gingivitis, she will be at risk of tooth decay and tooth loss, respectively. This is because her teeth are infected by bacteria that deliberately attack the gums. Some of its symptoms include gum recession, puffy gums, and bad breath.


What Should A Pregnant Woman Do

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, so keep yourself calm. All women experience different complications while pregnant, so remember that you are not alone and that bleeding gums can be solved. Stop worrying too much as that might affect your pregnancy. Instead, consult a health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment for gum disease.

For your peace of mind, here are the few things that you must do if your gums are bleeding while you are pregnant:

Visit your dentist

dental check upThe most logical thing to do is to have yourself checked by a professional. Once you notice that your gums are starting to get swollen and bleeding occurs, set an appointment immediately. Do not forget to inform your dentist that you are pregnant, as some procedures are not safe for a pregnant woman. Your dental health care provider will develop the best solutions that are safe for you and your baby.

Do not neglect your oral hygiene.

Gum disease can be prevented by good oral care. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day. Moreover, do not forget to include flossing in your routine. Flossing will ensure that all the food particles and debris between your teeth are removed. Mouthwashes are also just as important. This oral product washes away the bacteria in the mouth and promotes a fresher breath.

Include your tongue

Your tongue needs to be cleaned as well. It can also house bacteria and cause bad breath.

Do not forget to rinse

Vomiting is regular in pregnant women. But there is nothing to worry about. Just be sure to gargle with water to remove the acid from the mouth. Doing so will also remove the unpleasant odor of the vomit.

Get rid of the sweets.

If possible, stay away from sweets. Staying away from sweets may be hard for pregnant women, but too many sweets can damage the teeth. Sticky and sugary foods stick to the teeth. Sometimes, even brushing doesn’t work on them.



So the question is- is it possible to prevent bleeding gums while a woman is pregnant? Technically yes, going to the dentist at least once while you are pregnant might help. Taking care of your teeth is also a huge factor in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Hormonal changes may be hard to deal with, but following your oral hygiene regimen daily will be of great help. You may want to visit to check more about gums and teeth health.


When Will the Bleeding Stop

Ideally, the bleeding of the gums should stop right after delivery. A lot of side effects of pregnancy typically come to an end after the baby is born. In addition to this, if you have a healthy mouth before you get pregnant, your mouth’s heat will most likely return to normal in no time.

Pregnancy is a joyful adventure for some women. Sadly, because of its adverse effects on health, some women do not fully experience the joy of carrying a baby for nine months. If you are pregnant, the best way to ensure your and your baby’s health is by regularly visiting your doctors. Your physical and dental health must be considered when it comes to examining your overall health status.