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Perfect Baby Toothbrush For Your Child

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There is no replacement for a professional advice, so visit your pediatric dentist first before buying a product.

Kids will love brushing their teeth with a toothbrush that does not injure their gum. this brush will give your child freedom and your peace of mind since an electric bush provides a more thorough clean than a manual brush. baby toothbrush has adapted their toothbrush technology just to suit kids.Kids can be resistant to taking the time to brush their teeth twice a day for the dentist recommended two minutes. A good baby toothbrush can do that. We can recommend this brand, Philips’ Sonicare.

Many reviewers of the brush noted that their children were excited to use the toothbrush, which was a drastic change from before they had this toothbrush. Another benefit of this brush is that because your kids’ teeth will be more thoroughly cleaned, you will be able to reduce your costly trips to the dentist.

Benefits of Sonicare Baby Brushes

Stylish Design

Each brush is packaged with three differently colored face plates; yellow, black and blue. This is convenient if you have multiple children as they can each have their color. Or, your single child can choose their favorite color.

Gentler Pulsing 

The kid’s brush’s high setting is 40 percent less powerful than an adult Sonicare toothbrush’s pulsing, while the low setting is 60 percent less powerful.

Two heads 

The brush comes with a small head for small kids and difficult to reach places and a big head for big kids.

A Graduated Timer 

To help your child easily get to the full two minutes of brush time, the timer starts out with a shorter time and increases each day slightly. A chime indicating quadrant change time. For even brushing, a cute musical chime plays three times, which divides the two minutes of brushing into four sections, one for each quadrant of the mouth.

Handle that is easy to hold 

Parents can help their child brush as the handle is large, but it is not too large that a child cannot do it by themselves.
The benefits of the baby toothbrush are many, Here are a few things to note before buying one for your child. The brush is heavy compared to other kids brushes. these brushes have got numerous advantages . The cost of the brush now is much less than the cost of dental work in the future.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Baby Toothbrush For Your Child

  1. The most important thing to consider in getting a baby toothbrush is it needs to have soft bristles. In using it, soft bristle toothbrush can’t irritate their sensitive gums which may result to bleeding.

  2. Choose a toothbrush that will not harm too much on your baby. Their teeth and gums are still much sensitive on their young age.

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