Unhealthy Effects Of Baby Teeth Grinding

Unhealthy Effects Of Baby Teeth Grinding

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Baby grinding teeth is mainly cause by stress. Bruxism is the act of bending and grinding teeth (conscious or unconscious) either during the day or sleep. Bruxism is seen as a dental problem as well as medical. It affects not only the teeth but also the surrounding structures.

Baby Teeth GrindingGrinding usually occurs during sleep. If you’ve ever had a roommate or a boyfriend scratching their teeth, you know how terrible teeth can sound. Maybe soft or extreme. The extreme part of the teeth to grind can be so bad … it can send chills to the spine. It can be as annoying as someone snoring in the same room. If grinding is bad enough, she can awaken others in the room.

Babies grind their teeth for several reasons. Many doctors believe that most babies grind their teeth due to stress.

Grinding of teeth is quite common in children, which affects three out of every ten. This is most common in children under the age of five. No one knows exactly why this trend develops, but this is because inferior and superior teeth are not aligned, ear pain, teething rash or even stress – perhaps due to home disputes or tension or any other change of style life.

Since the teeth of children are not yet permanent, they usually exceed the cutting. The adult teeth of the adults will replace the teeth of their children and will be much stronger and better aligned. However, since adult teeth are the teeth you have for life, it is essential for adults to be aware of the effects of tooth grinding.

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