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Have asymmetrical breasts? What you need to know

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Asymmetry means the lack of equivalence between aspects of something or unevenness. Breast asymmetry refers to a situation in which one breast differs from another in terms of density or size. Breast cancer screening or a mammogram, which is a type of a breast exam, may show asymmetrical breasts. It happens when one breast is dissimilar from the other in size, volume or form. This is quite common and hits well over half of women in the general population. Learn more about having asymmetrical breast when you read this informative article.

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What causes one to have an asymmetrical breast?

Hormones. Hormonal changes in the body as well as trauma may contribute to the asymmetry of breasts. During puberty, one experiences changes in hormonal levels which may prompt one breast to start growing before the other one and if they stop growing simultaneously, there is going to be asymmetry.


Menstrual cycle. When a woman ovulating, breast tissue can change and this may result in them feeling a little sore and sensitive and more full. Sometimes, the breasts may look bigger or in some cases have one appearing to be larger than the other, and this is because they grow from blood flow in the body and water retention. This is quite common if you are nearing your fertile days, but during the menstruation period, the breasts will return to their normal size.

Medical condition. Juvenile hypertrophy is also another reason for asymmetrical breasts. This condition is rare and it results in one breast growing notably bigger than the other. This type of breast hypertrophy can be fixed with surgery or it may cause a woman to be very insecure and have psychological issues.

Cancer. Breast cancer could also be another reason why a woman’s breasts are asymmetrical. If since birth till adulthood a woman’s breasts have always been symmetrical, then they notice one breast continuously increasing in size and becoming bigger than the other, the asymmetry may be due to breast cancer. Abrupt changes to shape, appearance and size of breast could be due to a malignant lump.


Breast Asymmetry is nothing to lose sleep over but if you notice that there are significant changes in density and size, or if you feel unexplained tenderness or discomfort on your breasts,  it is important to seek professional help.


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