allergy nasal spray for kids

Allergy Nasal Spray For Kids

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Allergies are quite common in kids, and fortunately, there are a wide array of treatments available out there to control a kid’s allergy symptoms. Parents generally rush to over-the-counter medicines, but their frequent usage must be shunned as these are quite sedating and may make your kid drowsy.  There are several different medications available for allergies in kids, and one such medication is a Nasal spray that is typically used to treat a disease known as, allergic rhinitis in kids. This disease basically affects about 10% kids and 20% adults.

Different Kinds of Nasal Sprays 

There are several different kinds of sprays available in the marketplace, and most of them work faster than any other medicine or pill.

Decongestant Spray:

It shrinks swollen tissues and blood vessels in your kid’s nose that lead to congestion. However, this spray must not be used for over three days as it may block the nose. Also, you must consult a professional before using it. The spray in this category includes Sinex.

Steroid Nasal Spray:

It works quite well to alleviate sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. In addition to this, it stops a drippy nose. It is usually the first medication suggested for allergies. The spray in this category includes Children’s Flonase.

Antihistamine Spray:

It relieves sneezing, congestion, and itchy nose. The drug is available by prescription only and causes minimal drowsiness, but still makes your child sleepy. The spray in this category includes Astelin.allergy nasal spray for kids

How to use Nasal Spray for Kids? 

Your kid may oppose having any liquid squeezed into his nose. So to mitigate this discomfort simply follow the instructions mentioned below to administer nasal spray: Hold your kid on your lap with one arm and support him, and use the other one to squeeze the nasal drops. Tilt your kid’s head a tad bit to slightly move his head backward. Put one dose to each of his nostrils and allow him to inhale the spray gently.

It is recommended to consult your kid’s pediatrician before administering any nasal spray as not all such formulations are good for all age groups. A professional can guide you on which one is beneficial as well as safer for your kid, and on the appropriate dosage.

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