Rhinoplasty For Children

Is It Advisable To Have Rhinoplasty For Children?

Child Care

When a child undergoes a rhinoplasty, there is usually some bruising, swelling, and downtime associated with the procedure. This usually takes about two weeks.

For safety purposes ask your doctor first, come for a consultation Rhinoplasty Perth Cost clinic.

Before one considers whether to apply rhinoplasty in children its good to look at healing a little.

  1. children noseFollowing Doctor’s Orders Carefully. However, even if it seems like the healing process is going smoothly, issues can arise as swelling subsides, especially if the area is not cared for properly. Therefore kids be taken care of as closely as possible.
  2. Stick to a Low-Salt Diet. In the weeks following the rhinoplasty, kids should avoid eating foods that are high in salt. High-sodium diets cause water retention, which can increase swelling, resulting in discomfort. Children should drink plenty of water, too.
  3. Sleeping Upright for a Few Nights. This is the most challenging part in children. Staying upright will help keep swelling to a minimum, which will reduce pain during the recovery. Secondly, being upright will keep blood from pooling in the nasal area, which can increase bruising. This appears to be very challenging to kids.
  4. Use a Humidifier. After undergoing rhinoplasty procedure, the doctor will insert nasal packing into the nasal cavity, which makes it impossible to breathe through the nose. This packing stays in place for anywhere from five to seven days. Many children experience dry mouth during this period. A humidifier is placed in the recovery area to help keep that dryness from becoming uncomfortable.
  5. Avoiding Strenuous Activities. Patients should receive thorough instructions from their doctor about when they can resume physical activity. In most cases, any strenuous or vigorous exercise should be avoided for about three to four weeks following the procedure, as these can cause bleeding to the child.
  6. Be Mindful of other Kids and Pets. Most re-injuries of the nose come from small children, as they do not know to be as careful.

With these tips the question, is it advisable to have rhinoplasty for children appear already answered. The process is OK to kid but requires maximum attention.

Seeking the service of  a qualified and experienced surgeon is the way to go as, much of the pain and discomfort from a routine rhinoplasty should be alleviated. Pain and swelling will typically peaks on the second day after surgery and then subside gradually.

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