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Overview of Abortion From the Pro-Choice Definition Standpoint 


life birthWhether or not to continue with an unwanted pregnancy has been a decision affecting the concerned women. This is because the decision of ultimately going through the labor process and delivering the baby is one that would stay with the mother for the rest of her life. The main crux of the matter of pregnancy termination is the life of the unborn baby as well as that of the mother.

Choosing abortion as an option would often cause a clash with the commonly existing ideologies in society. However, this has been one of the matters of heated debate for long. There are lots of factors that ultimately decide one’s preferences and decisions. Being able to bring up the baby properly and parent them in a suitable manner is one of the most important reasons people take into account regarding the issue of pregnancy termination. Alongside, having a well-balanced mind and body is essential. Support from the partner and the family also contributes in a better way.

There is no definite demarcation between the pro-choice and pro-life arguments. Both the lives of the fetus as well as the mother should be taken into consideration while deciding to go for an abortion. Medical science has always maintained that it is best for the mother to choose whether she wants the baby or not. How the decision of abortion would affect the mother depends on the viewpoint of the woman. It is best if she gets to decide, instead of others, including factors like social ethos, deciding for her.

Abortion has always stood as a highly controversial issue, and it has been impossible to arrive at any sweeping and generalized conclusion or set of rules for this. Pro choice definition is a belief where it is considered that the women should have the right to have or abort a baby. In fact, the pro-choice viewpoint takes into account the political, social, cultural and moral facets. ‘Own will’ is primary in this argument. The holders of this belief feel that it is the woman who should get to decide each time whether or not to keep a baby as she is the best judge of whether or not she will be able to properly raise her. The pro-choice activists also state that since during the first trimester the fetus is dependent on the mother for life and nutrition, she should be the one to decide what is best for both of them.

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