abortion side effects

4 Abortion Side Effects You Need To Know


Although women are different and will experience differently on particular issues, it is very common that women suffer some abortion side effects. Every woman should be aware of this risks and it is vital to consult a doctor or a health professional. The effects can either be emotional, physical or even long-term in some cases. The effects of abortion do vary from woman to woman. Feeling of regret, stress, sadness, guilt, and even emotional pain are common.

Below are some side effects of abortion:

Heavy bleeding

It’s very unusual for a woman to heavily bleed. If one notices that she is passing large clots of blood or even feeling light-headed, she should visit a doctor immediately for further instructions. In some cases, this bleeding can occur when there is an infection in a case whereby there is a uterine injury or even some placenta that remains in the uterus. Bleeding gums is common too. You should visit your dentist for his professional opinion on this one.

High body temperature


Having fever can be a sign of an infection. In case your temperature remains over 38 degree Celsius, in some hours, and you have some pain, seek the help of a doctor immediately to get further assistance.

Excessive discomfort

Severe pelvic pain may be a clear indication that something is wrong. Whenever the pain persists even after taking painkillers, seeking a doctor’s assistance is of great importance. The pain is mostly caused by some infections which can be easily treated with antibiotics if it is caught earlier.

Continued signs of pregnancy

If a woman continues to experience some pregnancy symptoms after two weeks such as nausea, bloating or sore breasts, seeking assistance from a health professional is vital. You also need to understand that some home pregnancy tests may show that you’re still pregnant due to the remainder hormones after the procedure.

In conclusion, these are some of the abortion side effects that every woman should understand before undertaking the procedure.

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