pacifier habit

Do Pacifiers Cause Buck Teeth? The Truth Unveiled

Do pacifiers cause buck teeth? This question has long sparked debates among parents and professionals, leaving many concerned about the potential impact of these seemingly innocent devices on their children’s dental health. To help parents make educated decisions concerning their children’s pacifier use, this article will examine the scientific data and professional viewpoints on the […]

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buck teeth from thumbsucking

The Thumbsucking Journey: Can My Baby Get Buck Teeth From Thumbsucking?

As children, our habits and behaviors can shape much more than our character – they can physically influence our developing bodies. One particularly impactful habit is thumbsucking, a seemingly innocent practice many young children share. Yet, this common comfort technique holds a hidden consequence: buck teeth. Parents really wonder: can babies get buck teeth from […]

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newborn oral care

Tips for Ensuring Optimal Newborn Oral Care

Many parents do not pay attention to the oral care of their young ones until the first tooth pops out. That’s when they begin wondering if and how to clean the baby’s mouth. There are useful articles at that will help you ensure an optimal oral care for your newborn. This is necessary as oral care should begin from day one. Cleaning the baby’s gum after every feed helps to get rid of sugar and bacteria capable of hurting his or her gums.

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infant chipped tooth

Infant Chipped Tooth

Your child’s infant-hood is normally marked with clumsiness. More often than not,it’s characterized with countless falls,trips, and bruises. Unfortunately,their teeth could be the next in the unpredictable path of injury.When they fall on a hard surface like a cemented floor,it’s easier for them to chip a tooth. If this happens, visit Piazza Dental near Thornleigh, […]

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