5 Symptoms Of Tooth Decay Seen On Rotten Teeth Kids Problem

5 Symptoms Of Tooth Decay Seen On Rotten Teeth Kids Problem

Child Care

As a parent, it is always a must to give kids the best health care available. On many days, there are instances that kids love eating sugary food and exposing themselves to many activities. Having a problem of rotten teeth kids usually neglect about is very hard to manage. Since we can’t blame it solely on the kids, it’s up to the parents to educate their children well. Sometimes the prevention of dental decay starts at home. By letting them know about dental hygiene, they can listen and do the routine daily.

 Why Is Tooth Decay A Cause Of Rotten Teeth Kids Problem

Finding a cure on rotten teeth kids problem isn’t a mystery nowadays. Thanks to dental technology, we can enjoy the best dental treatments. Yet, there is still an ongoing oral health problem that people can’t seem to manage all the time. Kids that go on a poor diet such as overeating sweets or carbohydrates can damage their temporary teeth. Why are these two factors always correlated with cavities and plaque? These food elements increase the production of bacteria as it gets their nutrients from the sweets and carbohydrates. Obviously, the bacteria will spread in the teeth and gums and can cause sticky plaque on a kid’s teeth. If neglected, your child will surely have rotten teeth in just a matter of weeks. 

5 Symptoms You Need To Look Out

Kids can have activities at school that can disrupt their good dental hygiene. Some of which are sports injuries, dental trauma due to an accident, or eating without brushing their teeth. In reality, the physical appearances of these symptoms can help us detect dental diseases right away. It would help if you acted on it as soon as you can. Don’t wait until these symptoms become worse. Monitor your kid’s health and educate them about dental hygiene awareness. 

Severe Toothache

One of the early signs of rotten teeth kids issue is a severe toothache. Toothache can happen if a nerve has irritation due to the bacteria buildup. Most parents say that infants, toddlers, and children experience tooth pain at night. This event suggests that it is an emergency for most families. Hence, a parent should prevent toothaches from happening since it can go worse if untreated right away. 

Sensitivity To Hot Or Cold Food

Kids can also experience sensitivity to hot or cold food if their teeth are in bad shape. Just like the issue of severe toothache, nerves found in gums are also causing this problem. You may want to simmer down hot food and avoid cold food and drinks for your kid. 

Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad breath is a result of poor hygiene where the foul odor comes from the stuck bacteria in the mouth. Kids who love eating smelly food such as garlic bread, onions, or even cheese can cause these bad breath factors. If you can encourage them to brush and rinse with mouthwash, the issue of bad breath can go away quickly. 

Inflammation Or Swelling 

Swelling or inflammation of the gums or root of the tooth happens in severe cases of cavities. Gingivitis, a disease found in the gums of a person, may worsen and can cause bleeding or inflammation.

Brown/Black Spots On TeethRotten Teeth Kids Problem

You’ll know when your kid is suffering from tooth decay. Once the brown or black spots emerge on a kid’s teeth, you’ll see that it is rotten. You can stop this from happening by educating your kid to brush their teeth early morning at night. Infants can also suffer from this situation if their baby bottles stay with them. These spots can cause holes on a child’s tooth. If you’re planning to have your kid checked right away, you are doing a great job. You must act on it quickly before your child’s teeth fall off or dies due to severe gingivitis.

What Can You Do As A Parent?

A parent can’t do as much as they want to if their kids aren’t disciplined. You must know that kids look up to a model for authority and leadership. Start by doing your dental routine and allowing them to brush beside you. Show them that you are also interested in your dental routine.

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