infant chipped tooth

Infant Chipped Tooth

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Your child’s infant-hood is normally marked with clumsiness. More often than not,it’s characterized with countless falls,trips, and bruises. Unfortunately,their teeth could be the next in the unpredictable path of injury.When they fall on a hard surface like a cemented floor,it’s easier for them to chip a tooth. If this happens, visit Piazza Dental near Thornleigh, NSW to learn how to prevent the matter from getting worst.

Chipped usually appear less serious yet they can easily cause the infant untold dental complications,especially if they are not in knowledge of good dental care and hygiene, or if they’ve not developed speech fully.

So here is what you need to know about infant chipped tooth

Visit a dentist

It’s until a professional dentist has examined the severity of the chipped tooth injury that you’re able to determine if your infant has been badly injured. Determining the extent of the injury will always give you a very irritating inconvenience,and it will thus require the intervention of a pediatric dentist.Some chips are superficial ,requiring less intervention,while others need expert filling and specialized equipment to handle.

It can discolor infant’s tooth

This is so because the tooth experiences blunt force when the infant falls,causing the capillaries in the tooth to burst. Just like how the skin gets colored when a bruise occurs,it’s in the same manner that the damaged blood vessel gives the tooth a dark color. However,the darkness is usually temporary but if its does not fade away, see your Dental HQ dentist in Bankstown right away.

Home dental care is essential in chip treatment infant chipped tooth

After you’ve paid the dentist at Gordon Family Dental a visit, you now have a great role in healing the chipped tooth of your child.Clean and brush the chipped tooth and region thoroughly twice a day.By doing this,you’ll be averting a possible tooth decay that can cause your infant untold suffering and pain.

Supervise your child as they brush,and ensure that they take the prescribed medication.

Watch out for any possible abscess

Recovery of the chipped tooth can be an uphill task.Even with fewer or no signs of discoloration ,there could be minor cracks that could be allowing bacteria into the tooth.This would possibly cause an abscess. An abscess is usually punctuated with facial pain,swelling,fever,strange bleeding from within the mouth,disrupted sleep,and changes in eating habits.

In case you detect any of these signs,rush to see your pediatric dentist for an expert examination.

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