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Essential Exercises to Lose Pregnancy Weight

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Getting back in shape after giving birth is not as hard as you may have imagined. Studies say that engaging in weight loss programs have the potential to improve your overall health and reduce the risks of developing postpartum depression. The best exercises to lose pregnancy weight can only be done with proper guidance from your doctor and the right exercise equipment. One of the best exercise machines that you can use is the stair climber machine. Not only does it provide low-impact training, but it also promotes a gradual pace of weight loss that is ideal for new moms. So, get on a stair climber machine and burn those fats in no time.


A Word of Caution

Before you attempt to return to your regular exercises after giving birth, you should consult your doctor first. You have to pass the initial assessment that you are physically capable of performing such tasks. We prepared a list of some of the things you should be aware of to avoid complications. Please stop immediately and call or visit your doctor if you experience these symptoms after exercising:

Whenever you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you to stop exercising and get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. Always remember that prevention, with the help of early detection, can save lives all the time. Also, please do not return to your average pace of training after giving birth. Start with light exercises as per your doctor’s advice.


Exercises After Natural Delivery

It is safe to perform light exercises to lose pregnancy weight one to two days after giving birth. However, if you feel any pain or any of the symptoms mentioned above, we advise you to stop immediately.

However, if you’re feeling OK, and you got the signal from your doctor, you can perform these exercises:

Tip: Avoid swimming until your bleeding stops for seven days after giving birth.


Exercises After Caesarean

A caesarean is major surgery. It typically has the recovery time of approximately six weeks to heal. Within this interval, avoid physical activities that involve abdominal muscles. You can also perform breathing exercises. Walking, on the other hand, has to wait for at least six to eight weeks. Pelvic exercises are safe for both natural delivery and caesarean. But first, you should wait for your doctor’s approval.


General Exercises to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Let’s say that as per your doctor’s advice, you can start light exercises. Suppose that it’s safe for your health. Here are the usual exercise techniques that you can perform:

You can also incorporate these exercises into your daily tasks. You can walk around your property with your baby in a stroller, or you can perform pelvic exercises with your newborn at your side. The importance of keeping in shape plays a crucial role in your road to motherhood. Not only does it maintain your physical and mental health, but it also allows you to take care of your baby efficiently. Here are the other exercises that you can perform: Pelvic tilt, Kegel exercise, and happy baby yoga pose. With regular training, you can return to your average fitness level safely.


Benefits of Exercises to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Tips Before you Exercise:


The Importance of Exercise Machines

Exercise machines provide physical assistance, especially to women, after giving birth. The pace can be adjusted to a low level which can be helpful in their progress. Take the stair climber, for example. The stair climber works on your legs and abdomen with minimal impact. A new mom can significantly benefit from enhanced lower-body strength. It improves their balance and stability dramatically, which can make them perform their motherly tasks easier. Don’t miss to visit to see various options for your exercise schedule.


Final Word

Consulting your doctor is still the best decision before you attempt to perform any physical activity. Do not trust your whim that if you already feel good, you can start exercising. Diving blindly into action may lead to complications and adverse health conditions. What we recommend is regular medical checkups and self-checks. As soon as your doctor gives the signal, you can start getting back in shape gradually.