toddler teeth pain

Toddler teeth pain: Teeth problem or erupting molars?

They say that when you or one of your family members suffer from a toothache, consider it as a dental emergency and head straight to an emergency dental clinic. It may be a simple problem that can encourage development of a more serious condition. So on the first sign of damage, get your teeth checked at However, if your toddler suddenly complains of tooth pain, should you respond the same way? Let us discover everything about toddler teeth pain, its causes, and what steps parents need to take when a child complains of tooth pain.

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mouthguards for kids

Mouthguards for kids: Are they really important?

For growing children, playing outside the house can be enjoyable and fun, but stressful and worrying for parents. That is why most parents let their children wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and even goggles just to make sure that they are safe from accidents and mishaps. But are mouthguards for kids also important? For instance, if Mobile Mouthguards advise Junior sports teams playing basketball, baseball, or soccer to wear mouthguards, is it really necessary?

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retained deciduous teeth

Retained Deciduous Teeth – Overview and Causes

Teeth play a vital role in breaking down the food in our mouth in preparation for swallowing, also, it is essential in speech, and correct pronunciation. Normally, we have two sets of teeth in the span of our lifetime, it is what we know as the primary (deciduous) teeth and the permanent teeth. At the age of Six years old, we will start to lose our deciduous teeth and will be replaced by permanent teeth. However, if the permanent teeth started to erupt while our primary teeth are still present or when the primary teeth never falls out and were never replaced by the permanents ones, it is considered as the retained deciduous teeth. This condition can result to mild to severe dental issues. But this can be prevented when you visit Dentisty on Solent’s clinic in Bella Vista as they have ways to get it treated for you.

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yellowing teeth in child

The Causes of Yellowing Teeth in Child

Many people know the common cause of yellowing teeth in adults, but to children, they do not know the cause. There are various potential causes of yellowing teeth in child. One is extrinsic (external) which links to the food that they eat, poor oral hygiene or the use of wrong tooth brush. Be sure to provide good toothbrush for kids for a proper oral hygiene. Another cause is called intrinsic (internal). Once your child has the yellowing teeth, you may be interested to figure out the cause and the way it can be stopped.

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baby bleeding gums

Cause and Treatment of Baby Bleeding Gums

Baby bleeding gums particularly during teething is usually a major concern for many parents. However, this should not be a major cause of alarm as baby bleeding gums are very common. The bleeding is often as a result of teeth poking through the tissue in the gums which is very delicate. Further, in some instances baby bleeding gums could be as a result of bacteria that lead to inflammation. To prevent this, you need to see a dentist immediately, If you’re worried about the cost, you don’t have to as your Artarmon dentists from No Gaps Dental isn’t there to overcharge you.

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